Day: August 31, 2020

engineered stone benchtops

What are the advantages of choosing engineered stone benchtops?

A lot of homeowners are there who dream of having stunning looking natural stone benchtops in their bathroom and kitchen. However, natural stone materials, like granite and marble, are quite expensive. But with some dealers of engineered stone benchtops, you can get cost-effective alternatives. 

The engineered stone benchtops will deliver the same stunning effect as natural stone benchtops. These vanity tops and benchtop for counters are equally appealing. 

This article will help you discover some of the reasons why engineered stone can be advantageous over natural stones.

Advantages of choosing an engineered stone

You may be wondering why to opt for engineered stone. By opting for this cost-effective alternative, you can enjoy the following advantages: 


  • Increased aesthetic appeal


While preparing engineered stone benchtops, quartz aggregates are compressed into slabs and are given the same texture and colour as granite and natural slate, the only difference lies in the uniformity in colour as natural stones tend to vary in hues. No doubt this is an excellent option for people who wants some uniqueness and a little bit of character on their countertops. However, if an untrained eye looks at the engineered stone countertops, they will not be able to distinguish them from natural stone.

The best part about engineered stones is that they are available in a wide variety of colours, available in earth tones, rose hues, greys, and many more.  


  • Materials that last a lifetime


The durability of engineered stones is one of their best qualities. The sturdiness can be compared with the hardness of real granite, and they will not crack like slate. They are also heat resistant and would not scorch easily. The surface will remain unaffected even if you place a hot pot accidentally on the surface. This material is cut and scratch resistant also, which will make it look brand new for ages. However, it is good to avoid cutting vegetables on the surface. 


  • Cleaning is easy


Natural stone can be stunning and robust, but it is porous at the same time. That makes bacteria make their way quickly into the pores and fissures, thereby, making it difficult to clean. Engineered stone benchtops are, on the other hand, non-porous. They do not absorb liquid and can be cleaned without any hassle. You can deal with vegetables, raw fish, and meat in your kitchen when you are using engineered stones.  

stone benchtop installation


  • Stain-resistant


Cleaning and maintaining marble benchtops is a tedious process. That is because natural stones are prone to staining, and you need to seal the surface during the stone benchtop installation process. Failing to seal the surface regularly might lead to serious cleaning issues.

That is not the story with engineered stone. Even if the sealant wears off, the surface will be able to resist staining. This material can keep its beauty intact for a more extended period than sandstone, marble, or granite.

The above article has indeed convinced you to spend on engineered stone benchtops. Remember, at this point that this material can also be used for creating a fireplace, kitchen backsplash, on the walls, and for flooring.