Day: May 22, 2024

accent chair sydney

A Complete Guide To Buying The Perfect Accent Chairs In Sydney

Accent chairs are like a splash of colour in a theme décor setting. They are opposite in design and colour scheme compared to all other pieces of furniture in a room, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the interior décor theme of a room. 

Accent chairs in Sydney are becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes. Many interior designers and furniture stores display beautiful and visually appealing designs. 

How To Select 

Though the primary purpose of accent chairs in Sydney is to add colour and glamour to the décor theme, you can always select a chair. 

  • It could be a comfy chair with a high back and long arms. 
  • You can include a recliner within the décor theme of a room that will stand out as the accent chair. 
  • Do not overspend on buying accent chairs in Sydney; keep it simple but colourful. You can always convert an old chair into an accent chair. 
  • You can select an accent chair after selecting a room’s furniture. Only then can you choose a contrasting and unique style. 
  • Always consider the space available for an accent chair. An oversized chair in a small room can look cluttered, so a smaller chair or stool will be appropriate. 


Before you buy accent chairs in Sydney, you need to understand the types of chairs available in this category. Accent chairs are those that stand out from the other pieces of furniture in your drawing room. The chairs are different from the rest in colour, design, and upholstery. 

Here are some of the chairs that are used as accent chairs. 

  • Armchairs
  • Chaise lounge
  • Recliners
  • Tub Chair
  • Ottoman accent 
  • Slipper Chair 

These are all usable as accent chairs in your living and drawing spaces, where they stand out as one distinct piece of furniture. 

Design Styles 

Accent chairs are available in all types of furniture. Before making a final choice, you should consider the décor theme of your home. 

From vintage and traditional styles to more contemporary furniture designs, accent chairs are available in all furniture ranges. 

If your present décor is based on a contemporary theme, you can opt for a vintage or traditional look in an accent chair. It will add a unique old-world charm to the setting with its opulence. 


Accent chairs in Sydney should be selected in colours opposite your furniture. The colour of your accent chair needs to be different from the colour palette followed for all items of décor.

From the furniture, carpets, wall colours, and lampshades – the colours used in these will be considered before choosing the colour of the accent chair. 


The choice of fabrics for upholstery should also contrast with the colour of the accent chair. Materials can be used according to the colour scheme followed for the other aspects of décor. 

If the other chairs and sofas are upholstered in different colours and fabrics, you can choose leather or faux leather for the accent chair’s upholstery.