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the primary reason why a website design helps a brand to make a strong online presence, deliver high results, rank higher on search engine result page

A Website Design Can Influence Digital Marketing. Is It True?

So, you have a business or planning to have one but you haven’t created any website yet, then probably you are waiting for God to save your business! 

A business without a website is like a body without a brain, means of no use. However, having a website doesn’t imply creating any web page with random ideas and content. It needs proper planning and architecture to design and develop a website. 

Now, the question is – what’s the use of creating a well-designed website? 

Friends, gone are the days when a skeleton website is enough to carry on with your business. In this competitive market, a well-designed website featured with proper content and graphics is needed to build a position in the online market. Even a digital marketing service provider recommends having a well-designed and well-maintained website for better results. 

Check out the 4 reasons how web design influences digital marketing.

Importance of website design in the digital marketing world

Search engine optimization:

You will be surprised to hear that a well-designed website plays a dramatic role in boosting SEO. In SEO or search engine optimization, there are a few factors that actually fuel the process and help the brand to stay online, gaining high search engine ranks. Among the few, website design is one major factor that influences this.

Website designers thus crafting websites never forget to include SEO features in it. They believe if a website is built without incorporating SEO, the website will never ever have the capability to shine online with a strong online presence.

Some prominent SEO features that you must consider while designing a website are – proper Title tags, header tags, content format, mobile customization, etc.

Good user experience:

What according to you boost user experience on websites? It can be a user-friendly interface, good navigation, least scrolling, and browser and mobile compatibility.

Good navigation and a friendly user interface are very demanding not just to drive more visitors to the site but even to hold them back or encourage them to land on the website over and over again. The visitors often feel irritated when they need to scroll more for acquiring information. Adding some powerful CTAs with navigation will be an added pro.

Search engines like Google rank websites that are compatible with both browsers and mobile devices. This is very much important. Because different users use different browsing platforms and it is necessary to make the website accessible, irrespective of the platform they choose to run.

All this in other way help the business to gain conversions, lower down the bounce rate, and increase the click-through rates.

Therefore, website design with excellent user experience matters a lot.

High conversions:

Mesmerizing web design has the power to attract a huge audience and convert them into potential customers. Hardly a few visitors arriving at the website have a tendency to shop from there. One prominent reason behind this is the website design featured with a user-friendly interface and a good navigation scheme.

High conversions come when the visitors landing on the website find it easy to grab the information they like. They prefer browsing websites where they hardly need to scroll or where they have easier call-to-actions. We just hope, you can understand how important it is to plan a powerful website design.


The responsiveness of your website has a great impact on digital marketing. As we said earlier, digital marketing implies marketing your products or services over multiple digital platforms. This can be either your website, social media platforms, search engines, or any other digital outlets.

Users never choose one single platform to browse. They either go for different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc, or they use their smartphones. In most of the cases, the latter is chosen compared to the former. Therefore, crafting designs that are mobile responsive is also very important.

Check out the screen size, screen resolutions, and brand image to create a mobile responsive website design for your brand. However, even a browser-friendly website design also needs to be responsive, to attain appreciating results in the end.


A website design process includes several factors – page layout, SEO features, social media integration, brand image, content production, and graphics. That’s the primary reason why a website design helps a brand to make a strong online presence, deliver high results, rank higher on search engine result pages, and build effective connections. 

Use Google Analytics or any other tracking and monitoring tool to keep an eye on your digital marketing campaign and get a better outcome. 

While opting for white label digital marketing services, make sure the website, for which you want to have that solution, is featured properly. 


oogle reviews is a product of Google suite that allows authentic customers to share their experiences, ideas, opinions, feedback, etc. relating to a brand or its products & services in the form of reviews.

The Benefits of Google Review & How To Embed It On Website

As digital media and commerce are gaining popularity among the consumers and brands, the importance of valuable and authentic information is also rising. User reviews or customer reviews about the brands are part of such valuable information relevant to the brand that hugely influences the brand growth and success. 

The rise of digital media has led to brands and businesses invest their efforts into their digital storefront i.e. website so that they can make the most of popularity for online commerce. This is where the role of Google reviews comes in. 

What Are Google Reviews?

Google reviews is a product of Google suite that allows authentic customers to share their experiences, ideas, opinions, feedback, etc. relating to a brand or its products & services in the form of reviews. These Google reviews are then made available to the potential customers and users who make search queries on Google about the brand that is where these reviews are displayed to help users make an informed decision. These reviews highlight the quality, value for money, authenticity, brand authority, durability and many more factors to deliver valuable information about the brand. 

Google reviews are the perfect form of content that you can embed onto your website to attract, engage, and convert users into customers. Here we have listed some benefits of Google reviews on your website. 

Benefits of Google Reviews On Website

  1. Cost-Effective Promotions

These reviews are shared by the customers of the brand so showcasing the positive reviews on the website will help in free of cost promotion for your brand without any investments. As the customers are sharing these reviews voluntarily so you are not investing any amount in review generation. Also, you can curate these reviews with minimum cost to display on the website so it is a cost-effective method of promotions. 

This will save the constant cost of content creation with investments into time and resources. 

  1. Valuable Content Stream 

Content is extremely crucial for the website as it is what consumers search for in the first place and it is what they primarily engage with on the website and finally it is what helps them make their purchase decisions. These Google reviews provide you the access to a valuable content stream that you can embed on your website. These reviews are all unique and extremely relevant to your business making it the perfect content for your website. 

  1. Build Trust, Reliability & Authenticity

In this age of digital media and online commerce with spammy promotional campaigns, consumers have a huge distrust and unreliability for the brands. 

This is where it becomes important to build trust and showcase authenticity to the website visitors through trustable content and this is where Google’s customer reviews fit in perfectly. You can embed these reviews on the website to showcase brand credibility and authenticity that will help in building trust reliability, and authenticity among the consumers through displaying real experiences of existing customers. 

  1. Enhance Brand Advocacy & Word of Mouth

Brand advocacy is when the existing customers of the brand become the representatives & advertisers i.e. advocates of the brands to promote it through their content & words voluntarily. So, these customer reviews are a perfect example of brand advocacy and positive word of mouth for a brand that will help in grabbing the attention of the users on the website and boost engagement & conversion rate. 

  1. Boost User Engagement

Engagement is also crucial for the website as it defines the conversion rate and content is the best way to engage the website visitors to your website. When you will display such intriguing, trustworthy, and creative content on your website, it will attract the users to engage with it and get the information they are looking for leading to better user engagement. 

  1. Gain SEO Benefits

As we discussed that the engagement will increase, it will also increase the possibilities of improving your Search engine optimization performance and better overall results. More engagement will lead to more time spent by the users on the website ultimately increasing the dwell time and reducing the bounce rate for your website. This will lead to sending positive signals to the search engine and improvement in the SERP ranking of the website. This will lead to more impressions and more traffic to your website.

  1. Grow Conversions & Sales

It is a known thing for every user that they conduct intense research & evaluation on digital channels before making online purchases. This is where the customer reviews on the website play a huge role. As over 90% of the users tend to trust UGC such as customer reviews while making their online purchases and over 80% of the users actively look for these reviews before buying products online. 

So, these customer reviews on a website can greatly influence the conversion rate and increase your sales. 

How to Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

The best way to embed Google reviews is by using a Google Review Widget that will allows you to integrate your Google+ account and fetch reviews from account to your reviews feed that you can embed on your website. The tool allows you to make customizations to your Google reviews feed and moderate which reviews you want to show and which you want to restrict. 

Along with that, you can enable real-time automatic updates, add your custom posts, etc. The Google reviews widget has easy integration possibilities and extremely responsive & easy to use. 


These were some of the best benefits of embedding Google reviews on the website and also the best solution to embed these reviews on your website i.e. Google reviews widget. Embedding these reviews will greatly help in boosting brand awareness, amplify social media and digital media reach, magnify brand exposure, showcase transparency, build a powerful reputation, and overall brand growth and success. 

So, get started now by leveraging the Google reviews for your website with the tool and avail these benefits for your business. 

Why Your Retail Business Needs CRM Software

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a program that does what its name says – helps manage relations with customers. It stores all the details of your customers in a user-friendly and organized database that everyone can access. Many retailers are increasingly opting for retail CRM software as it helps enormously to enhance sales and revenues. 

Every customer record in the software informs you about how you acquired them, their purchase history, their interactions with the company – all of which can help you know more about how to keep them coming back. It provides an entire picture of the journey of the customer with your business. It can provide all the information you require about your customer service;  to identify the marketing methods that work and the ones that need improvement.

Retailers often have to manage myriad of customer issues. While it is not possible to please every customer, an effective Omni Channel CRM software solution provides better service to customers and ensures a higher level of success for a business. 

Apart from storing customer information, the software can manage a wide range of other tasks too including creating brand awareness, marketing, finding leads, managing customer purchases and providing support and service to maintain a long-term relationship, among others. 

A CRM can also have automation features that manage certain tasks, leaving your team to focus on the more important tasks. Actions such as generating leads and sending emails when customers take certain actions can ensure that the customers keep going ahead in the sales funnel. Some CRMs also come equipped with artificial intelligence to understand data and provide actionable steps to maximize opportunities. 

Having all the data in one place is helpful for your sales team. They get access to the entire history of customer interaction with the company and thus don’t have to waste time in knowing when was the last time the customer was contacted or what was their last order, etc. They can thus focus only on what they well – selling. 

Apart from having all your customer and sales data, the software also provides an in-depth analysis and dashboard functions. The best part is that all the information is available to the entire team across geographical barriers, helping everyone be on the same page. 

An Omni Channel CRM software can also enhance productivity and cohesion in the workplace. With your employees working from the same solution and having access to all the information they need, they are better poised for a great job, without getting into each other’s way.

Retail CRMs are available in several sizes and shapes. No matter the type and size of the business, the aim of setting up a CRM software is to be more organized around customer data and activities, which in turn can help enhance revenue and productivity. With the right CRM in place, you can look to being more efficient, productive and successful at work.