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Unveiling The Need For Secure Data Shredding: Protecting Your Business

In an age where data is the lifeblood of business operations, safeguarding sensitive information has become a non-negotiable priority. The potential consequences of a data breach, including financial losses and reputational damage, underscore the importance of adopting robust security measures. One such measure that stands out is secure data shredding. In this blog, we’ll delve into the scenarios that signal the need for secure data shredding and how it can protect your business.

1. End-of-Life IT Assets: 

As your business evolves, so does your technology infrastructure. Upgrading computers, servers, and other electronic devices is a common occurrence. However, the data stored on these devices can still be recovered, even after deletion. Secure data shredding is essential when disposing of end-of-life IT assets to ensure that sensitive information is completely eradicated before the equipment changes hands.

2. Phasing Out Legacy Systems: 

When retiring legacy software or systems, there’s a risk that sensitive data could be left behind. Hackers often target outdated systems as potential entry points for attacks. Secure data shredding ensures that any residual data is rendered irretrievable, reducing the risk of unauthorized access through abandoned systems.

3. Employee Transitions: 

Employee turnover is a natural part of business operations. When employees leave the company, the data stored on their work devices can still pose a threat. Secure data shredding becomes necessary to prevent departing employees from taking sensitive data with them or inadvertently leaving traces of information behind.

4. Data Backup Removal: 

Data backups are crucial for disaster recovery and continuity planning. However, backups that are no longer needed can become a liability if not properly managed. Secure data shredding ensures that old backups are completely destroyed, preventing the possibility of data leaks from forgotten backup copies.

5. Data Consolidation: 

As businesses grow, data can become scattered across various devices and storage locations. Consolidating data into a central repository is a smart move for efficiency, but it also requires meticulous data shredding of duplicate copies to prevent data breaches through overlooked files.

6. Contractual Agreements: 

Some contracts or agreements may include clauses specifying the secure disposal of data at the end of a project or service period. Secure data shredding helps your business fulfill these contractual obligations and demonstrates a commitment to data security to your partners and clients.

7. Compliance Mandates: 

Industries such as healthcare, finance, and legal are subject to strict data privacy regulations. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties. Secure data shredding ensures that your business remains compliant with these regulations by securely disposing of data in a manner that meets industry standards.

8. Risk Mitigation: 

The risks associated with data breaches go beyond financial losses. They can damage your business’s reputation and erode customer trust. Secure data shredding acts as a proactive measure to mitigate these risks and protect your brand’s integrity.

9. Digital Transformation: 

Adopting digital transformation strategies often involves migrating data to new platforms or systems. Secure data shredding guarantees that any remnants of data from previous systems are eliminated, preventing inadvertent leaks during the transition.

Here Is Why Refurbished Desktops Have Been A Big Hit In Australia

Time To Embrace Refurbished Desktops

The East or the West, countries from across the world have been going after technological advancements like computers, laptops, smartphones and the Internet to mention a few. In a nutshell, computers have been playing a vital role in carrying out numerous tasks in the best way possible. By the way, here we go about the concept and benefits of refurbished desktops. First off, those computers that have been reconditioned with relevant features as part of improving their overall performance are referred to as refurbished desktops in Australia. As a matter of fact, such refurbished desktops have been the most preferred among techies in Australia. Way forward!

Talking of refurbishment, this concept will go a long way towards churning out computers as per customer needs. In a sense, computers can be customized or remodeled so as to cater to various user needs. Apart from this, the following are some more details relating to the best advantages of refurbished computers along with other relevant information as described below:

  • First up, it is very important to look into the cost factor involved here apart from keeping an eye on the functionality of computers.
  • In this context, refurbished desktops will come in handy for you in terms of the best quality from high-performance features to amazing functionality.
  • In other words, the concept of refurbishment will usually bring about a wide range of advantages with respect to operating computers.
  • For example, refurbished desktops will go the extra mile to enrich your computing experience through so many flexible features including their high-performance nature.
  • More to the point, your reliance on refurbished desktops will be in perfect tune with Mother Earth because nothing will be dumped into the ground as such during refurbishment.
  • Above all else, Australia has been a major hub of some of the best makers of refurbished desktops.

The Best Benefits Of Refurbished Desktops

Here we will talk you through some more information relating to the best advantages of using those refurbished computers along with other important details as discussed below:

  • User comfort first: First off, refurbished desktops have been created keeping overall user comfort in mind. From computer monitors to keyboards, each and every part will come with ergonomic designs [a kind of customization or personalization]. Well, when user comfort here is set to peak, so will be the case of computer performance.


  • Quality guaranteed: When you choose refurbished desktops, you will be assured of the best quality in all respects from flexible features to powerful performance. Well, the fact of the matter is that such remodeled computers would usually be checked and tested for quality. Plus, the updation and deletion of programmes [relevant and irrelevant respectively] will also make for their brilliant performance.


  • Saving Mother Earth: What is more, the making of refurbished desktops usually involves almost zero e-waste. In a sense, no waste materials will be dumped into landfill areas in the process, thereby saving the environment and Mother Earth from bigger threats like pollution and climate crises.

BIG YES To Refurbished Desktops

Given that refurbished gadgets have always been the best way out in matters of computing operations, people from all walks of life have been incredibly reliant on the use of refurbished desktops in Australia.

Well done and way ahead!

Mistakes To Avoid With It Asset Removal

Recycling electronics is a fantastic method to protect the environment, but it is not always simple. There are numerous e-waste recycling options. Additionally, you should confirm that the recycling company will repurpose your used electronics rather than repurchasing them. When making decisions about acquiring new IT asset removal, IT managers frequently invest a lot of time in these decisions. Still, they need to provide the disposal of these assets the same amount of time and attention. Many managers fail to comprehend that a misstep in the disposal of IT assets can be expensive and significantly affect the company. Here you can see the mistakes to avoid with IT asset removal:

Not researching where the assets end up

Although several businesses provide services to recycle outdated IT assets, not all are created equal. Even those who advertise themselves as environmentally friendly, some of these businesses must dispose of their possessions properly. Unskilled workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals while working with IT assets, and they are not shielded from these substances. Companies who opt to ship their IT assets overseas are endangering innocent workers and contaminating the environment every time they do so.

Do it yourself

Recycling IT assets differs from recycling paper, plastic, or aluminium in that you cannot place these materials in a bin and wait for a collection service to come and pick them up. Toxic compounds found in these assets must be handled with utmost caution in order to prevent environmental contamination. Careful extraction and secondary market resale should be made of the precious components of IT assets, such as copper, silver, and gold. IT asset removal provides private information that needs to be destroyed to safeguard your company and clients. It is quite easy for a corporation to have the resources to handle these features of IT asset disposal.

Forgetting to track your asset

You must track every asset you give a third party for disposal if you deal with them. Through the recycling chain, each gadget delivered to ERI is monitored. When you log into the proper system, ERI lets you access the make, model, serial number, asset tag, final disposition of the device, and service date for every asset. Customers use IT asset removal services that keeps them informed about the status of their assets throughout the process. Clients can feel secure knowing that every asset they transferred to the facility has been responsibly disposed of, due to the tracking of this data.

Failing to ask about certifications

Knowing a company’s credentials is crucial before you start dealing with them. Don’t just ask a business whether it is certified and also enquire further to know precisely what certifications the industry holds. Always keep in mind that certifications vary. When selecting a company in this sector, you should seek two certificates: the e-Stewards accreditation and the R2 standard. Independent auditors thoroughly assess how IT assets are handled once they arrive in facilities to guarantee that confidential data is secure to determine whether a company is eligible for this certification. Selecting an IT asset removal with the proper certification is essential if you are getting rid of assets that hold sensitive data.

Final thoughts

When it comes to disposing of IT assets, you need to check many reviews. Still, the organisations most concerned with lowering risk frequently rely on reputable outside professionals to simplify the process. Read the above points and avoid mistakes with IT asset removal. 


Mistakes To Avoid During Data Shredding

Disposal of information is essential to a successful records management program. Many businesses need help with document and data disposal. Your organization could lose millions in non-compliance fines, lost sales, and legal expenses without a suitable shredding program. There are numerous ways for businesses to go wrong regarding secure data shredding. Here mentioned are the mistakes to avoid during data shredding:

Ignoring the final disposition date:

A mistake is keeping records longer than required, but so is getting rid of them too quickly. Before getting rid of a document, make sure it is still needed. Consult an attorney, accountant, or certified records management specialist if your company lacks a documented records retention policy. You are one of many business owners who hoards information many hold documents and data for too long. However, retaining out-of-date documents for too long increases the chance of a privacy violation and possibly puts one in legal hot water. 

Not using a certified shredding provider:

If you choose a licensed shredding company to complete the task, all of the problems above can be resolved. It is essential to secure data shredding. Your outdated documents can be recycled and shredded in the most private way imaginable. Your documents are mixed with those from other businesses when they are destroyed. This is the first time anyone can ever put together content that has been finely shredded from several sources.

No expert shredding partnership:

You could risk your company, staff, and clients if you don’t use a competent document removal service. Providers of secure data shredding services make document destruction convenient and can improve your office’s security.

Bad paper recycling habits:

Although you may be trying to be environmentally friendly, it is not a good idea to place your private documents, whether they are shredded or not, in the recycling bin. The recycling bin is a ready source of records for any thief worth their salt. Once more, even if you destroy them, someone sincerely committed can reconstruct them and read them. You can preserve your privacy online as well. Whatever its form, confidential information must be discarded in a secure and timely way. Include digital devices and outdated storage media in your information destruction policy.

Using office shredders:

A document can be trashed faster than it can be destroyed by shredding. Office paper shredders are cumbersome and slow. Document disposal needs to be quick, simple, and safe if you want to reduce the dangers of privacy breaches in your company. Using a secure data shredding service makes it simple for your staff to get rid of private documents. Free delivery of secure collecting containers to your office is provided. To complement your office’s design and a number of discarded papers, a range of sizes and designs are available. No matter what size or method you select, collecting containers let your staff securely dispose of private documents without taking out staples, sticky notes, or paperclips.

Wrapping it up:

Sometimes mistakes can happen in shredding paper for a small business. Using an office shredder and throwing the scraps in the trash allows thieves access to your private data. By choosing a licenced shredding service instead and by adhering to these guidelines, you can protect your business. Keep your documents secure and save spending hours shredding them yourself for a minimal monthly cost.

Easy Ways To Wipe A Hard Drive

You should be prepared to recycle or donate your used computer equipment. You need to wipe your computer’s hard drive, frequently. That entails deleting all of the private and financial data that your computer has gathered. Your old PCs and laptops likely contain a lot of information, much of which you don’t want others to access. That’s not a lot of material. Your computer’s hard drive can save copies of your medical records, browsing history, bank account login information, and old emails. Disk erasure is necessary to keep your details safe. Below mentioned are the ways to wipe a hard drive:

Use software:

Downloadable programs are another option for deleting your storage device. Using various tools, you can delete an operating system from your drive or wipe particular files, several industries, or even the entire contents of your hard drive. Disk erasure should be done correctly. If you decide to maintain your OS, you may be unable to delete data from programs that the OS is currently running.

Delete all files from the computer:

Putting your documents in the trash or recycle bin and emptying such bins could make you believe that doing so will delete them permanently. The issue is that while it looks that the files are deleted, they are frequently still present but are only hidden from view. Most data recovery solutions can recover these secret files, even those used by fraudsters and hackers.

Back up your complex drive data:

Back up your data to a web service, an external hard drive, or your new computer before wiping the hard drive or performing a factory reset on your computer. If you misplace an important file, you will know where to buy a backup copy. Disk erasure can help you to store your client’s data safely. 

Additionally, you can access copies of your most important papers, images, and files if your computer is infected with ransomware, which is a cybercrime when cybercriminals prohibit you from accessing the data stored on it. When securing your files, you have a variety of alternatives. You can use thumb drives or USB flash drives to back up your data. 

Physical destruction:

Physical destruction is the best option when your drives are nearing the end of their useful lives or if their data is too sensitive to rely solely on data erasure. This could be outsourced or done by you. Just be sure to wipe the drive before physically destroying it, as improperly destroyed drives, especially SSDs, may still contain information that can be recovered. 

Use a program to wipe your drive:

Your hard drive can be permanently erased with specialized software. There is little likelihood that you will be able to retrieve your disk erasure if you utilize these apps. The good news is that anybody else cannot recover your deleted files using data recovery software. Most of these tools for data destruction replace deleted files with zeros and unintelligible data. Data recovery software cannot retrieve the files as a result. An accessible data destruction program entirely deletes all files on a hard drive. 

Final thoughts:

Your company, clients, and employees’ information won’t be compromised as long as you have an enterprise data security policy. Make sure that your policies are verifiable, multi-step, and multi-method. It is better to do a proper deletion of the important files. 

Importance Of Selecting Data Erasure!!

The worldwide web connects the globe, and each of us is a part of this virtual network that enables us to connect and communicate with each other. From our laptops to smartphones, a lot of data is being transferred or received every second. We often face struggles with storage and end up deleting a particular file. However, never consider what happens to the data once it’s gone from your device? Is it gone for good and forever? No! The data deleted can be retracted by the experts. Also, the data you delete might not take space in your device; however, it will consume space somehow. 

As a business, such data can be a point of vulnerability as it can get into the wrong hands, and you might end up losing a lot more than one might anticipate. Hence, it is crucial to select data erasure to wipe the data entirely. Once this is done, no one can recover the data, and therefore one must erase such irrelevant or vital and secretive data. 

Here Are A Few Components That Will Allow You To Understand The Vitality Of Data Erasure For The Industrial Level, 


Data erasure through a third party company makes things easy. If you’re a business with some hard drives or electronic devices that have reached the end of their life process, it can be more comfortable to choose a third-party company to take your appliances for you. Many third-party industries will even select your e-waste for you and make it directly to an offsite establishment where you can eliminate the data. The whole process evolves a lot easier when you get a third party data demolition company to help you manage the e-waste.


Erasing the data will allow you to rest assured that your details are safe. The safest way to dispose of electronic garbage is to physically destroy it. It is the only process of data destruction that can 100% guarantee that no one can ever recover your data.


Data destruction can help safeguard your clients and your employees. A company gathers sensitive details from employees and customers alike. You collect identifying details such as social security numbers, phone numbers, and addresses from workers. Clients provide details such as credit card numbers. Keep their details safe by getting old information destroyed entirely.

Saves Money: 

Erasing the data helps you to dodge hefty fines. When there is a security infringement, it can often lead to companies losing thousands of dollars towards various penalties. In this case, the best violation is a good defence. Help to avoid an expensive security violation by eradicating your old data.

You can hire a professional company to assist you as a partner for data erasure. In addition, this will protect your business and your clients while your employees are safe as well. It makes everything better as you need not worry about maintaining dated and irrelevant files, which can damage your business if reached by your competitor. Be sure to opt for erasing the data before you get rid of any IT equipment.

Create A Better Future With The Right Disposal Of Your Old IT Equipment 

Running the IT operations of a company is no joke. You have to oversee so many things that, at times, it spirals out of your control. And due to lack of time at hand, you may overlook the disposal of old IT equipment in your office now and then. But you shouldn’t continue doing this, and it has long-term repercussions on so many levels.

If you don’t have time on your plate, you can always hire a professional ITAD company to dispose of old IT equipment in your office. It’s easy, convenient, and even affordable for every type of organisation in existence.

Why Proper IT Equipment Disposal Matters?

Do you want to learn a thing or two about the importance of proper disposal of IT equipment? So you can make a better and well-informed decision with your old electronic devices? To help you, we present the most important reasons everyone should use the proper channels of IT equipment disposal! 

No Data Breaches

Data breaches are widespread in almost every type and scale of organisation that it’s way too scary even to comprehend. Not only does it spells disaster for the company, but it rips apart the reputation as well. In many cases, large scale data breaches can put a company’s finances in danger, with significant legal battles in the court. At times, companies have lost everything they own because of some major data breaches in the past. 

That is why you should opt for a professional ITAD provider to dispose of your old IT equipment and services. They remove the equipment, destroy all the data and recycle the usable peripherals for future reuse. 

Sustainable Future

Without the involvement of an ITAD service provider, you will probably collect all the old IT equipment from your office and dump them into the landfills. That’s mainly harmful to our environment, and you should stop this approach of IT equipment disposal. Professional ITAD service providers will carefully remove the equipment from your office and dispose of them without dumping them into some landfills. Moreover, most companies recycle your IT equipment and give it to you in refurbished condition. You can either reuse these products or resell them in the market; the choice is entirely yours! 

You will receive proper certification for everything that gets ripped apart by the ITAD provider. Their certificates stand valid in the digital legal space, and thus, it’s very beneficial to any company out there! 

Staying Compliant All The Way

Yes, preserving the environment is a fundamental reason you should hire an ITAD company to dispose of your old IT equipment. In any case, there’s something else to it besides what meets the eye Large corporations are tightly regulated by strict IT and digital laws across the board in Australia. If you are trying to buy new equipment to replace the old ones in your office, you have to take care of the legal side. Otherwise, you may see a few letters sent to the administrators and even the higher-ups in no time. 

ITAD provider helps you secure the best channels of data destruction and IT equipment disposal. They provide you with proper certification for everything they do with your IT equipment. So you can have the legal side covered whenever you hire a company that deals in this field! 

Spend your money wisely and make the right decision regarding the disposal of old IT equipment in your office. Come to Excess Technology and explore your legally safe avenues today! 

Why do you need a security system in Sydney?

Technology has touched all aspects of our life. No part of our lives is untouched by technology. With the growth in the number of cases of theft and robbery, getting a security system in Sydney has become of utmost importance. 

Even if you are living in a city, town, or area that has less crime rate, you can’t rule out the possibility of housebreaking and theft. If you have a senior citizen or a baby in your home, you need the best security system. 

If you are still sceptical about whether you need a security system in Sydney or not, the following are some of the benefits of a security system:

Protection from intruders

Most often robberies happen when the owners aren’t home. If you have a home without a security system, it can be like welcoming the robbers. Your home can be an easy target for robbers if security systems aren’t available. Having a robust security system will provide you with security against break-ins and it will also ensure that the cops can’t get enough evidence in case your property is robbed.

Protection to family and pets

If you have an elderly, kid, or pets at your place, leaving them alone can be quite risky. But, there are situations when you have to leave them alone. Having a security system in Sydney can enable you to have the needed peace of mind. By using the security system, you can monitor the well-being of your loved ones.

Protect your valuables

Every home has valuables like cash, jewellery, and electronic devices. These valuables need to be kept securely. A smart security system will enable you to keep an eye on your properties all the time.  

Protection to home against fire and leakages

Accidents don’t occur with a prior warning. Fire and gas leakages can happen at any time. A good quality home security system has sensors that can notify you about any external threats. Thus, you can prevent all types of threats and accidents. 

Keep a tab on home and office

Security systems in Sydney are not just needed for the home. A good security system is also needed for your office. You can keep a tab on your employees even if you are not available in the office. Thus, it increases the efficiency of work at your workplace. 

When you have a security system in your home, you can keep a tab on a caretaker who is hired to take care of the elderly or kids. 

A good security system Sydney basically is an integrated device through which you can ensure maximum safety and security for your home. Some of the major items included in the home security system are:

  • Door and window sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Security cameras
  • Alarms and sirens
  • Control panel

The next time you are worried about the security of your property, make sure to look for an all-round security system. It is advisable to look for a camera with night vision, a video doorbell, and sensors. You can check the platform to get top quality cameras for your home security. Let us know if you need additional details.


Some common collaboration tools are designed essentially to provide file sharing capability and support communications within organizations, but lately, the functions performed by collaboration tools have become far more sophisticated.

Types of collaboration tools commonly used by businesses 

In the past few years, there has been a growing trend of integrating collaboration tools to businesses. Entrepreneurs across industries have adopted different collaboration tools to fit their specific needs. 

Some common collaboration tools are designed essentially to provide file sharing capability and support communications within organizations, but lately, the functions performed by collaboration tools have become far more sophisticated. 

Here is a list of common collaboration tools that are helping businesses run better.


Communication tools


Some of the most common work collaboration apps used by businesses across the board are communication tools, many of which are adopted for internal communication of an organization. Some popular communication tools include:

Chats & Instant Messaging: Chats and instant-messaging tools allow employees to interact with each other without needing to make calls or write emails. Some tools like Slack are in fact meant to provide an effective alternative to internal emails of an organization that keeps piling up unnecessarily.

Video Conferencing: video calls and conferences have pretty much become a norm these days. In these times of a pandemic, especially, most team meetings are being conducted on apps like zoom, Google meets & Skype etc. 


Storage & sharing tools


Another set of tools that help professionals collaborate with each other is storage and file-sharing tools. These tools allow people to store important documents and files in secure places and access or share them with ease, as and when they may be required. These tools include: 


Cloud storage: Cloud storage allows all files & documents to be stored remotely and there is a lesser need for local storage hardware. This helps organizations to bring down the cost of hardware storage over the long run. 

File sharing tools: it is hard to transfer heavy files like videos, large documents, books & software etc via email. File sharing tools like Dropbox and SHARE it allows for large files to be transferred with ease and also help manage access control. 





Enterprise collaboration software 


In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Enterprise collaboration tools are nothing short of a godsend for professionals and organizations alike. With many employees working from home, enterprise collaboration tools act as a virtual skeleton of an organization’s functional structure. Here are some functions that these tools perform: 


Project & task Management: Collaboration tools like Asana, Trello, and the newly launched Crotle perform a lot of project management functions like forming teams to work on specific projects, setting timelines for tasks, a delegation of responsibility & streamlining of workflows, etc. They also allow for project managers and team leaders to supervise effectively and have greater control over the projects being carried out.

Reporting: Most enterprise collaboration tools provide a birds-eye view of all the projects, which gives the project managers all the information they need for effective decision-making. Some common reports include a progress report on projects, performance reports of team members, lists of completed, and pending tasks. 

Communication & document sharing: online task management software also acts as a forum through which the internal communication of a team can be managed. They allow team members to share essential documents and files with ease.

Collaboration tools for businesses have been in the limelight for a while now, and their utility has only increased with time. Looking at the trends, it seems quite likely that these collaboration tools will become a norm in the near future.


A recent trend in keyword research is the content analysis of Google's best-ranked websites for a specific search term using WDF * IDF - a mathematical formula that includes logarithmic search term density, term weights, and union set calculation is working.

Keyword tools for analyzing and researching search terms

Keyword tools help you create good and relevant content for your website. The basis for this is comprehensive keyword research for frequently searched terms, word combinations, long-tail keywords, term weightings, and search trends. With their help, you can focus your content exactly on the search queries and topics that your users are looking for!

A recent trend in keyword research is the content analysis of Google’s best-ranked websites for a specific search term using WDF * IDF – a mathematical formula that includes logarithmic search term density, term weights, and union set calculation is working. The keyword density only plays a minor role.

Keyword Research: Keyword Analysis Tools

The basis for ranking-strong texts is a comprehensive search of keyword trends and search behavior of your target group. Before you start blindly creating new content, you should be aware of what you are looking for. The following keyword tools will help you:

Google Ads Keyword Planner

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is one of the best tools for analyzing and researching search terms! It’s a powerful tool for analyzing search volume and generating keyword ideas based on different search criteria. To display the keyword suggestions, up to a maximum of 100 search words can be specified or, alternatively, suggestions based on a website can be generated automatically by specifying the URL. Even suggestions from a matching Google category are possible to determine the best Keywords for the most common searches.

When creating the list of ideas, the Google Ads Keyword Tool uses specific search queries and identifies the competition factor and estimated monthly searches for each proposal. Unfortunately, to use the Google Keyword Planner, it is now necessary to have at least one active Google Ads campaign.

Google Suggest

Google Suggest is the autocomplete Google search. As you enter a search term, Google will expand the word input with relevant search suggestions based on various factors, such as search frequency, search frequency, search behavior, and geolocation.

It can be assumed that the proposed search phrases are very popular search terms (long-tail keywords) – therefore, it makes sense to include them in your own keyword research. Personally, I always enter all relevant terms in an Excel spreadsheet and then analyze their potential with the Google Keyword Planner.

Google Trends

Google Trends is the keyword research tool par excellence when it comes to content research. With the help of Google Trends, you not only get information about what’s hot right now, you can also search for terms and see how their search behavior has evolved over the past few years. Also, a comparison of several search terms and other search variants can be evaluated.

Especially with seasonal terms, it is fascinating to observe the search behavior and the peaks at specific seasons. When it comes to content analysis and research, there’s no getting around Google Trends.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate is an analysis tool that provides information about how strongly the frequency of multiple search terms correlates with each other at a specified time interval. Using Google Correlate, you can analyze the search frequency of individual terms in relation to other search terms within a defined period of time, allowing you to draw conclusions about emerging trends in society.

Unlike Google Trends, Google Correlate does not analyze the frequency of search queries for a single search term, but rather the frequency of search terms relative to others within a fixed time period. When querying a search term in Google Trends, you get information about the activity of the search term within a defined period of time. With Google Correlate one enters its search term and receives a list of further search terms, which in frequency have a similar time course.


Straight away: Genius Keyword Research Tool! Using a given search term and a freely selectable language, the tool analyzes appropriate questions and prepositions that are frequently asked by searchers via Google & Co. For example, a search query for the term “keyword analysis” will yield the appropriate questions “how does keyword analysis work” or “what is keyword analysis” – ideal results for determining long-tail keywords!

The special thing about AnswerThePublic is not only the extraordinary appearance (you’ll see what I mean), but the extremely successful visualization of the search results and their meaningful subdivision into question words or W-questions (who, how, what, where, when, why, etc.).


Hypersuggest is my absolute favorite in keyword research – it’s free and without limitations! Based on a search term, the tool queries the matching search queries on Google, Youtube, and Google Shopping, evaluates them, and then provides the evaluation in a clear list for download. You can decide for yourself whether you want to export the whole list as a CSV for Excel or just individual entries.

When analyzing and querying the keyword suggestions, you can decide for yourself whether the search term you define should be advanced or adjusted, or both in combination. It is also possible to determine for which country the search results should be queried. And as if that were not enough, the developer – himself a designated Bayer and beer lover – provides a W-questions tool that analyzes the most common questions about the keyword.


Thanks, Ubersuggest designed the tedious (manual) Keyword research much easier, because in seconds can be found new keywords. Just type in the keyword, select the target language, and you’ll get a comprehensive selection of matching Keyword extensions and long-tail keywords. For example, if you define “SEO” as the keyword, you will get the following keywords: SEO tools, SEO check, SEO analysis, SEO optimization, SEO agency, etc.! Although Ubersuggest does not replace professional Keyword analysis, it will save you a lot of time in the base.

The Keyword Tool from will allow you to query up to 750 keyword suggestions for free – for Google Search, Bing, the YouTube video sharing platform, Amazon, and the App Store! In addition, country-specific keywords can be queried for all countries in which the search engines/platforms are active.

The Keyword Tool takes the main term you are looking for and creates a list of alternative (matching) terms and search queries that are common in search results. Also, a W-questions tool for frequently asked questions about the defined search term is available. The complete list can be exported as a text CSV or Excel sheet.


The kwfinder is a rather young keyword analysis tool, but scores with a very clear design and great features with many useful keyword and competitive data.

After a quick and uncomplicated registration, it is possible in the free version to evaluate up to 50 relevant keyword suggestions by entering a search term. For each keyword, the top 10 of the Google SERPS can be queried – with detailed data on Domain Authority, Page Authority, Domain Trust, Social Shares, and more. Unfortunately, one gets very quickly the limits of the free version to feel, because the evaluation of the individual search terms is limited to 3 queries per day. Still, a great tool for occasional keyword analysis.

Mangotools SERP-Checker

The SERP Checker comes from the same forge as the kwfinder, but focuses on the analysis and evaluation of the TOP search hits in the Google SERPS. What is the competition for a specific keyword? How well are the best sites in this area? What effort must be made to place on the first page of the search hits? The tool provides the answers to all these questions.

Tip: The small inconspicuous button “Manage metrics” can query a variety of SEO-relevant metrics. The wealth of information is enormous!