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Cloud Kitchen: Revolving Kitchen

The food industry is ever-evolving. High start-up costs, complicated regulations, and now pandemics have all threatened the restaurant industry and traditional food business models. 

The change in times has brought a difference in the industry. This is where cloud kitchens come into the picture. They’re also referred to as ghost kitchens or virtual kitchens. It is a commercial kitchen space that provides food businesses with the services and facilities needed to make menu items for delivery and takeout. 

Unlike traditional food business models, cloud kitchens defy the restrictions of place and a close location. It reduces the overhead cost. Recent data indicates that food deliveries have increased by 150% from 2019 to 2020.

 Benefits Of Cloud Kitchens:

·       Affordable Start-up Cost:

Traditional restaurant models have many complications, be it rules and regulations or maintenance of the space. It requires not only a functional kitchen but also a dining space with décor. 

This game was changed with the entry of Cloud kitchen. They do not require a serving or dining area. A functional kitchen with an extensive menu along with effective delivery channels is enough to make a Cloud kitchen work. This reduces the cost of setting up a business.

·       Lower Overhead:

Virtual kitchens or cloud kitchens have a low start-up cost. It also does not require any extra space. It doesn’t require high property taxes or inspection costs of the physical space. The investment itself is low and limited with respect to cloud kitchens. The lower overhead expenses make the virtual kitchens more accessible for business owners and service providers. 

 ·       Added Convenience: 

Traditional restaurants require a complicated business structure. In the case of cloud kitchens, however, business is convenient. It is easy to maintain focus on quality and customer satisfaction. It doesn’t require the extra tasks of health inspection, equipment repairs, janitorial services, etc.


·       Delivery Experience:

Cloud kitchens allow you to expand your business. It helps in developing the delivery services from one location to another. There is no limitation when it comes to providing proper service to any geographical area. A brick-mortar restaurant is limited in terms of its service provision, unlike revolving kitchens.

·       Customer Satisfaction:

Cloud kitchens allow you to fulfil the demands of customers. The popularity of virtual kitchens has skyrocketed, and customers prefer ordering takeout compared to go for fine dining. Customer satisfaction can be achieved with the help of such cloud kitchens as they even allow one to have an evolving menu.

 ·       Increased Reach:

Cloud kitchens and virtual kitchens can expand their reach. Traditional restaurants need to focus on the diners present on the premises. However, this is not the case with virtual kitchens. Its reach can be expanded; the business owners need to focus on preparing food and delivering the orders. 

·       Convenience All The Way:

Cloud kitchens are convenient for the owner as well as customers. The business runners can focus on providing service, and customers can enjoy the food delivery. It also becomes easy for the business runners to offer a variety of culinary expertise to the customers.

Without a physical space with limited resources, cloud kitchens can be an effective way of running a food business. It is also a cost-effective alternative to traditional mediums. It provides an opportunity for small business runners to have a food business. Virtual kitchens enable one to start a restaurant business or catering company with a meagre budget and reduce the risk. This provides an excellent opportunity for customers to enjoy a variety of foods at their convenience. This new business model offers better quality control to business owners.