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4 Factors To Consider Before Renting A Mini Storage

Have you recently heard the term mini storage while shopping a self-storage? The term describes the unit of self-storage. It defines the smaller size of storage. Unlike the name mini, sometimes the storages are large such as 5’x5’ to 10’x30’ or more.

You probably wish to know more about it. This blog contains some valuable information about mini self-storage that you may want to know. 

Factors to check

When you are running out of space for your valuable belongings, renting storage is an excellent option. It is costly and a waste of money to rent a big warehouse when you have fewer items to store. Therefore you need a smaller-sized space or mini storage to keep your stuff.

Here are some important factors that you must check before renting your things to particular mini storage.

  • Poor security

Securities are the most vital point to inspect when you are storing your belongings. You may have some expensive stuff, and you have to store them in storage having a small house. Losing those stuff may be your worst nightmare.

So, all you need to do is check the security arrangement of the storage properly. You can check how many security guards they have. You can also ask to check if the CCTV cameras work properly. 

  • Presence of pests and wild animals

Pests are fond of thriving inside buildings. The wooden objects are the favourite spots to inhabit for termites. These pests and termites can weaken and ruin your stuff. When you are renting your mini storage, you must check if there are chances of pests being there. 

There is another possibility of the presence of wild animals like rats in the storage space. Rats generally make their holes inside the building floors and walls. They love to hide in the dark behind or inside the stored stuff.

The rats or pests damage your accessories and shred your paper documents into pieces. 

  • Water leakage

All buildings have different water and piping system. Any of the pipes transferring water can be near or above the space where you have kept your essential goods. If somehow the pipe gets leakage, it can ruin all your belongings.

You may often see water leaking from the roof of old buildings. So, if your mini storage is inside an old building, you must ask the renting company about the roof and pipe leakages.  

  • Customer review 

When you are searching for smaller storage, you need to find out its quality, safety, and capability. As the websites of all the storage service providers remark themselves as the best, it is difficult to choose the right one. 

Therefore, you must check the reviews of the previous clients of that particular company. Comments from different customers can help you to consider a genuine service provider.  


If you cannot decide whether you need medium or mini storage for your belongings, you can always ask the professionals’ advice. Make sure that the rent is within your budget so that you can afford the storage.