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Things You Must Know About Invisalign Before Visiting The Dentist

Getting teeth to be aligned in a perfect smile is everyone’s desire. Though we all wish to have that ideal smile, not everyone gets it naturally. Getting braces has been painful and makes many feel conscious about having wires on their teeth. In addition, the process is time-consuming, and many run away from getting the braces. Science and technology, however, has changed everything. Today many dentists will offer you the option of Invisalign. These are the invisible braces that align your teeth without being as uncomfortable as traditional braces. All one should do is look for a dentist in Seven Hills or any area close to your home and discuss your requirements with the dentist. They will offer you the right Invisalign to make your smile better. 

Material Of Invisalign 

BPA-free plastic is used to make the customised Invisalign. They are custom made to suit the patient. A patient might need 2 or 3 sets of Invisalign during the entire procedure. Depending on the condition and modification requirement, such alignment can take six months to a year. 

The Right Age To Use It

Anyone from teenagers to adults can use Invisalign. They need to understand the procedure and follow instructions. It is crucial to wear these transparent braces according to the duration required. Since these are transparent, this option is quite popular amongst adults. 

Why Dentists Recommend Invisalign

  • Less Pain 

Imagine getting wires through your teeth to align them—pressure on your gums and metal wire tugging on your teeth. It will irritate you for days, and every time you need to make some changes, there will be changes on your braces. 

Contrary to the traditional method, Invisalign is custom made. Though initial days will be uncomfortable, it is nothing compared to the conventional method. 

  • Clear Braces 

Invisalign is transparent, and they work harmoniously with your teeth. According to your bite, they are made, and once your teeth start shifting, you will need another set.

The traditional method is painful and embarrassing for many. The silver metal braces are visible, and from pictures to parties, they accompany you. Getting braces is uncomfortable, and compromising on one’s look can take a toll on their mental health. These clear braces are easy to wear and remove. In addition, they do not stand out; hence make no changes in your otherwise look.

  • Faster 

Compared to conventional ways of getting the teeth aligned, Invisalign is convenient and faster. According to the severity of the condition, you might need anywhere between six to twelve months, which is more acute than the traditional method. This makes Invisalign rather fascinating for everyone as they speed up the process. Of course, you need to be disciplined about using them as these are removable. 

  • Cost-effective 

Many consider Invisalign to be expensive. However, considering every benefit and convenience they provide makes them cost-effective. In addition, this becomes an excellent personal care investment as your confidence during and after the process will be affected. 


If you’re planning to get Invisalign, discuss your doubts with your dentist. Ask them for guidance and seek clarifications wherever necessary. Smile your way through it!!