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Learn About Turf Supply And Lay

Turf laying on your lawn is one of the things that would deliver a satisfying experience to your eyes. With that green grass in your lawn, you can be at ease and just rejoice while it rejuvenates your entire area. You could always hire the professional services of turf supply and lay or you can do it yourself. Of course, hiring the services of experts would be the best for you, particularly the ones who can lay and supply turf, both but if you have been doing the things your way all your life, we can be of your assistance in preparing for the entertaining adventure. The first question that would apparently occur is when you should lay turf?

When Should You Lay Turf?

Adequate rain and sun both are crucial for the grass and turf. Both of them are needed equally for turf laying, and that is when you should get on with the work. The season of spring and autumn is the best time for turf laying as there is an ideal balance of sun and natural water through rains. Turf laying can be done all year but you would need to work a little harder so we best recommend you implement the planning in the seasons of spring or autumn. During this time, the soil quality is also perfect and you will be able to dig in easily.  


Ordering the turf makes no sense if there are no proper measurements done. The length and the width of the garden should be measured properly, and you should check on with the experts on how to do the accurate and precise measurements. You will, of course, have to give a significant time to the measurement process but when you’re done measuring, you will find it easy to order just the right size. 

Type Of Turf

There are different sorts of turfs out there and all of them serve different purposes. If your lawn is often used for sports, you can go to the people who supply and lay turf made for sports. If you want your turf to serve an ornamental purpose just for attraction, go for the fescue grass turf, though they are a little high maintenance when done right, they provide a pleasant attraction to the eyes. 


There are some steps needed for preparation that require a little patience.

Tools And Equipment

Keep a few tools handy before your turf is delivered. You will be needing:

  1. A sharp spade
  2. A rake
  3. A garden fork
  4. Gloves
  5. Watering can
  6. Hand saw
  7. A wheelbarrow
  8. Pre-turf fertiliser

Removing The Current Lawn

A levelled surface that does not stop or block the digging is what you need. Ensure that there are no objects or debris that will hinder your process. Dig the turf up with a spade and dig enough so that you remove all the roots. Hire a turf-cutting machine from the local shop nearby if your garden is too big. 

Order the Turf

When all the digging and raking is done properly, and you have the right size, order the turf from the professionals who specialise in turf supply and lay. Make sure that the delivery is quick and speedy, so there wouldn’t be much delay in the turf laying process. 

How To Lay The Turf

You are done with the complicated procedure, and now comes a relatively more straightforward one:

Step 1

Always start from the borders. Working from the borders will be much easier than anywhere else. If you have a circular garden, work from the middle.

Step 2

When the turf is laid, press it gently to ensure it touches the soil but not too much to force it.

Step 3

When you have laid the first roll, lay the next roll until you finish the entire row. There should be no gaps between the edges of the rolls.

Step 4

The rolls should be laid in the brickwork design. Edges of rolls should not be aligned precisely with the previous rows. This way, the turf will not dry out much.

Step 5

When the turf is laid to the borders, cut the excess to make it the perfect size.

Step 6

Water it immediately when you are done, and treat yourself with a pizza because you have done a great job!

What Should You Look For In A Reliable Turf Lay And Supply Company?


Now that you understand the process of turf lay and supply let us tell you how to choose a service so you can easily spruce up your lawn. There are various reputed turf supply and lay services available across Australia, so it may be confusing for you.


Find a company with a good reputation and preferably one that has years of experience under their belt for turf supply and lay. This is one of the best ways to choose a reliable turf supply and lay company. Please find out how many turfs lay and supply projects the company has completed in an area, and check out the reviews and testimonials on their websites. 

Also, check that the company has experience with handling both commercial and residential turf supply and lay; depending on your requirement, this could be important. These should give you a general idea about how good the company is at their job.


Check the promptness of their service, that is, how fast they complete turf supply and lay projects. How long do they take between ground preparation and installation process you would not want unnecessary delays here. Delays can cause damage to the turf as they need to be installed as soon as they are delivered. So, ensure you are ready and available too once you hire a service.