The Amazing Facts You Should Know About The Panda Bear

The Amazing Facts You Should Know About The Panda Bear

The presence of a panda bear is a soothing sight in its natural habitat. Essentially, it is the cuddling gestures of the creature that tends to captivate your mind about its nature. However, there is more than what meets the eyes with this lovable look of a Panda. The symbol of a Panda is a crucial one on a global scale because it is related to the essence of species conservation. It is the very look of this bear that bestows a distinctive stature to this creature. The essence of this animal happens to be associated with WWF since the early days of the 1960s. These animals are cute but they might have all the attributes of a natural predator.

  • Conservation Status for the Panda bear

As of now, pandas have not been deemed a completely endangered species. These days, there are more than 1,800 pandas. The conservation success of Panda happens to be an object of consideration. It is the role of the government which needs to have all the praise in this regard. These animals do not showcase their exalted stature anymore and as of now, they happen to live as well as roam freely in their natural habitats. 

  • How smart is a Panda bear?

These bears are known to be quite smart while they live in their habitat. They will show their smartness in the selection of the natural habitat and food habits. By nature, a Panda bear is quite intelligent. They might look like they are clumsy but in reality, they are not so. In general, they do not intend to harm. However, if you choose to irritate them, they might get into an attack mode. 

  • One of the most expensive creatures

If you check out the market value of a Panda bear, you will have to be awestruck. A fully grown-up Panda will get sold out for no less than a whopping amount of $2 million. This is why it is not always possible to get this creature as a pet. Moreover, you will have to seek legal permission even if you are able to afford this expensive creature. 

  • Food habits of the Panda bears

It is the context of the odd habits of the Panda bears which appear to be quite peculiar. Generally, they would focus on eating bamboo in huge quantities.  According to the reports of wildlife professionals, these bears are able to consume around 84 pounds of bamboo on a daily basis. 

Can you consider Panda bears as pets?

People would often get enamoured of the innocent charm and aura of the panda bears. It is the innocent look that casts a spell on people’s minds. Now, the question is whether you should really consider Panda bears as pets. 

  • Well, there might be mixed opinions about the same. However, if you take a pragmatic view, you will find that these bears are quite dangerous by nature. 
  • When they grow up, they could turn out to be a threat to you and your family. Besides, they are too expensive to keep. 
  • You might also need proper legal permission if you want to keep them in your house as a pet. 

Keep tagging along with the facts that have been shared on the various aspects of Panda bears and the breeds. If you are thinking of getting a Panda as your pet, you need to think twice. It is natural to feel attracted to the cute and innocent look of the panda but you need to check your steps before you come close to it.