Types and Benefits of Installing Sliding & Driveway Gates


Types and Benefits of Installing Sliding & Driveway Gates

There are a few types of sliding and driveway gates that offer unique benefits to both the house owners and the business owners. A very big advantage of a sliding gate is that it does not need so much space as that of a swinging gate. Many people in Australia are opting for sliding driveways for its amazing benefits. In this article, we shall be seeing several types of driveway gates.

Sliding / Driveway Gates:

A sliding driveway gateway is preferred by most of the house owners. It is specifically for those reasons that are easy to use, requires less space, different in style, and provides space for a long driveway and many more. There are electric gates, single swing gates, bi-fold gates, solar-powered gates and also the typical sliding gates Sydney.

Why you should choose a sliding/driveway gate?

If you have made up your mind to install a driveway gate, you have to first check the options available. There are different types of sliding gates to choose from. The biggest advantage of all is that they need no space to open. You can use the wasted space optimally by replacing your old swinging gate.

As it just slides across, you need a very little space in the alongside the wall or the property. If there is a shorter driveway it is the ideal choice to make.

What are the Different Types of Sliding Gates

They are multiple types of sliding gates in Sydney.

Rolling electric gates

These gates will roll across with their rubber wheels when you open it. They do not need a track even to move aside. It is a very simple design and gives a very neat look. Cleaning is also easy when you have to maintain your gate.

  • V track Electric Sliding Gates:

These gates have a v-shaped track on the ground for your gate to slide when you open it. It is very suitable for the areas where snow or ice will freeze into the track. However, you have to clean out the track then and there to keep it working effectively.

  • Cantilever Sliding Gates:

These gates will not touch the ground and so they do not need the support from the below for opening as well as closing. Then how it works? It is elevated and supported on the rails on the side of the gate. This is very suitable if your driveway is unpaved, uneven and there is a lot of snow in the area.

  • Telescopic Sliding gates:

Telescopic Sliding driveway gates Sydney is designed for spaces where the gate is unable to slide when you need to open it. This gate is made up of two pieces and instead of sliding it will stack on top of each other. When you need to close it will open up and spread out gently. It is also customized for different types of terrains.

Benefits of installing a Sliding & Drive gateway

  • Increased security

This is one of the biggest benefits of having sliding and driveway gates in Sydney. It is hard for anybody to get access to your home inside. It is completely closed. It can give you a lot of peace of mind.

  • Appeal

It enhances the beauty of your house. It is a modern trend to have a driveway gate installed. It will give you a very posh look as well.