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Understanding The Basics About A Lifting Clamp

Lifting clamps are motorised tools used to position, lift, and move goods from one place to another, either vertical or horizontal. These are available for sale in multiple shapes and sizes, thus equipping them to meet every variety of hoisting and transportation that one industry must require. When you select a clamp for your professional use, it is crucial to understand the working load limit and the task that will be optimised on the clamp. This can prevent on-site accidents caused due to overloading and subsequent mechanism failure. Further, the adequate and suitable application is also essential. For example, using a horizontal clamp for a vertical lift can cause significant damage to the clamp, thus enhancing failure propensity. Therefore, it is paramount that the clamp chosen is of quality standards, has undergone adequate security checks, and has proper maintenance measures associated with it; this strengthens its function and durability. A lifting clamp can be found in many designs and applications. Some of these have been elucidated upon briefly below: 

  • Beam Clamps: These are used most adequately in industries that need to hoist or lift heavy-duty and large loads, such as beams and automobile industries. These are curated to move beams without the use of slings, spreader bars and chokers. Since these do not require other tools and can be used independently, they are much easier and safer to use. 
  • Girder Clamps: These are used to lift objects vertically from beams and binders. The campus can be customised to align with the requirement of any grinder type and are exceptionally convenient and straightforward to manage. Found to be in use at heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Plating Clamps: These are ideal for transferring, lifting and moving metals sheets and plates since they are known to leave no marks on the materials. They are suitable to be used in both horizontal and vertical lifting processes. Clamps of this type are often used in pairs and are commonly used in construction and manufacturing industries.
  • Board Clamps: These are primarily used to transport and lift non-metal things; these might include plasterboard, marble, medium density fiberboard, and wood, among others.
  • Drum Lifting Clamps: Used most commonly to lift drums, including oil drums, chemical drums, and other cylindrical materials.
  • Pipe clamps: They are used to hoist bigger sized pipes made from metal, concrete and plastics.
  • Rail Handling: These are optimised to transport and elevate railway tracks from one location to another.
  • Round bar clamps: Curated with the purpose of making transportation and hauling round or circular things easier.
  • Kerbstone clamps: Clamps of this nature are deployed by one or two individuals to shift and carry kerbstones suitably from one place to another. 
  • Pile Pitching clamps: These are made for pitching steel sheets and are accompanied by a connected rope that ensures seamless removal from the floor. They allow lifting steel piling from the ground; these are equipped with hooks, ropes and chains.
  • Manhole clamps: Made to aid the lifting, transporting, and installation of manhole covers.
  • Pulling clamps: These are equipped to lift, bend, pull and position big loads.

The points mentioned above allude to the functioning of a lifting clamp and a basic understanding of its types and use across various industries.