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Light Rigid License

Light Rigid License & Things To Know About It

Also referred to as LR license, it allows you to drive LR heavy vehicles. You get to drive vehicles that are either of the following: 

  • Gross vehicle mass (GVM) is between 4,500 to 8,000 kg.
  • Capacity for more than 12 passengers (including the driver).

It means that you can drive vehicles that are commonly used as a mode of transportation in Sydney. You may also get to tow a trailer that is either of the following: 

  • Maximum loaded mass of a trailer recommended by the manufacturer of the motor vehicle.
  • Maximum loaded mass specified in the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 (WA).

Preparing For LR License:

To get an LR license in Sydney, you have to fill the following requirements: 

  1. You should have previous driving experience. You must have held a C car license for a minimum of 12 months to be eligible for this class of licenses. The idea is to be sure that you have previous driving experience so that it’s not difficult for you to learn how to drive a light rigid heavy vehicle.
  2. You don’t require a learner’s permit to learn how to drive a light rigid heavy vehicle. But you need to make sure that you’re accompanied by a supervisor. He should be a licensed driving instructor who’s himself holding an LR or heavy rigid license. It’s not necessary for him to be a professional instructor as long as he’s holding an LR license for a minimum period of 4 years. It’s a must to go under training before getting an LR license in Sydney or any other part of the world.
  3. While you’re learning how to drive the vehicle, you need to have an L plate on your vehicle. This will allow other drivers on the road to understanding that you’re learning to drive and they can drive watchfully around you. There can be other rules depending upon the local bodies in various parts of Sydney and it becomes important to comply with them before you start learning. 

Filling The Application Form:

The process to get an LR license can be quite long if you haven’t gotten a C class driving license already. You will first be required to hold a C class license for a minimum period of 12 months and that’s when you can fill up the application form for an LR license. You have to fill-up the form as has been directed to you, make sure that you don’t miss out on giving important information in the form. 

Proof Of Identity:

If you want to get an LR license in Sydney, you will have to provide proof of your identity. The government bodies should affirm that you belong to this part of the country before proceeding further with the rest of the norms to follow up in the application form. 

These are some of the first things that you have to keep in mind regarding the LR license. You have to prepare well before you finally get the license and get to drive any of the light rigid heavy vehicles in Sydney!