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Features Of Polyester Round Sling For Lifting

Round slings are multi-use lifting slings that allow for a powerful and damage-free weight lift. They can be easily and quickly manoeuvred even when delicate loads are being lifted due to their incredibly low weight and versatility in numerous directions. A polyester round sling is a continuous loop composed of polyester yarn and covered in a sleeve of polyester fabric. The sleeve’s construction protects the interior rows of yarn filament, ensuring they remain parallel at all times.  

Where the circular sling comes into contact with its load, the yarn fibre is unrestricted in expanding out. This offers broad support, protecting the load from harm and minimising sliding. Load bouncing during lifting is also avoided due to the polyester yarn’s low stretch properties. 

Polyester round slings 

A round polyester sling comprises a continuous load-bearing core and is also known as a tubular sling. It is constructed from synthetic polyester strands that are not woven and are entirely enclosed in a protective cover. It is also equipped with or without a fitting or coupling component. These are used for general lifting functions. 

Here are some features of round polyester slings:


Due to their amazing design, polyester round sling are very pliable and flexible. These properties allow the slings to adjust to the contours and grasp a load better than other lifting strings used in the sector. 

Stretch capacity 

Polyester round sling is great to use in a choker hitch because of their nature and the properties they exhibit. Round sling polyester has less stretch than a nylon lifting sling, preventing the sling from locking up on the load being lifted. 


Polyester is a material that is immune to water damage. So using polyester slings provide excellent resistance to mildew and rot. The jacket that covers the sling protects the load-bearing core from dirt, oil, abrasions, grease and UV degradation. This covering jacket also prevents the load from being lifted from scratches, marring, etc. 

Colour-coded jacket

Polyester round slings come with a coloured fabric jacket. These colours represent the weight capacity of the sling. This feature helps people who work with slings immensely. It makes it easier to use the slings confidently and saves much work time. These polyester round sling have tags for identification that indicate their size, type and capacity. 

Chemical resistances 

Polyester round slings are usually resistant to wear and tear and chemical exposure. You can wash the round slings easily with bleaching agents and common acids. 

Strength-to-weight ratio

Polyester round slings are one of the strongest weight-lifting slings that currently exist. The superior strength-to-weight ratio of these round slings helps handle loads, transportation and rigging easier. Another highly useful feature of polyester round slings are they have approximately less than 1% stretch. 

Smooth edges

Most high-performance polyester round slings have seamless edges. Their no-stitch edges prevent them from getting ruptured. Additionally, the round sling adapts to the shape of the lifted weight, allowing an easy grip on it. 

Final thoughts

A round polyester sling, or any sling, should always be used with safety in mind. It is necessary to select the best polyester round sling for the job. The right hitch should be used, and riggers should be trained and certified. Riggers need to understand where to put the polyester round sling on the load and how to attach them. Riggers must therefore learn about the many types of hitches as well as how loads will likely respond to lifts.