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Best Quality Round Slings Are Here At Your Disposal

If you plan for your next lifting project, you will require a new set of lifting equipment. Apart from chain slings and wire ropes, round slings are also efficient for heavy lifting duties. Choosing the right type of lifting equipment is very important for the success of your projects. If you are new, you must understand the applications of different lifting equipment, including round slings. Here are some things which you should consider while choosing the perfect lifting sling for your work:

Factors To Consider For Making The Right Choice

Generally, choosing the right lifting sling is dependent on a number of factors. Here are the points to focus on while making your choice:

  • The Centre of Gravity
  • The Working Load Limit
  • Number of Attachment Ends 
  • Environmental factors
  • Height Restrictions 
  • Safety Protocols
  • Quality of the Lifting Slings
  • The material used to Manufacture Lifting Skills
  • The Purpose of its Use
  • Additional Fitting Requirements 
  • Flexibility
  • Suitability for rigging 

What Is A Round Sling? 

A round sling is a continuous loop of yarn. They are usually made of highly tensile polyester. They can be colour coded and are very durable. Round slings can lift and transport heavy loads ranging from 1 to 30 tonnes. All sorts of load-bearing round slings have a protective sleeve of polyester on them, ensuring their durability. Round slings are available in different grades, with different weight capacities. Lifters mostly prefer round slings for rigging. 

Advantages Of Using Round Slings

When it is for the important purpose of lifting, you require products that are reliable, strong and ensure safety. For meticulous tasks, round slings or web slings are mainly recommended as it has several advantages :

  • Multi-purpose

Round slings can be used for various purposes. Whether it consists of secure rig bridles to pull, drag or move industrial products or equipment, round slings are suitable for the job. 

  • Customised

Round Slings can be customised as per its requirement. Slings can be in the form of cables, chains, ropes or webs. Metal devices like hooks, links, rings or shackles can be connected to it. The overall length of a sling can also be adjusted. Longer slings are used when there’s a requirement of greater range. Typically the length of a sling is about 2.0 to 3.3 feet. 

  • Durable & Sturdy

Round slings are strong and light and can be easily handled without much strain. A tubular jacket usually protects heavy load-bearing core yarns. Polyester made round slings are flexible. It is believed to be an ideal material for modern slings as its stretch capacity is lower. They are splinter-free and don’t get easily damaged. 

  • Flexible And Safe

Modern round slings are flexible and safe. High-performance round slings have seamless edges, which prevents them from rupturing. The slings are flexible enough to conform with the load and shape, allowing it to grip easily and safely. 


So whether it is for lighter or heavy lifting jobs or moving goods or industrial products, round slings can be a brilliant choice for you.