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white bathroom floor tile

Rediscover White Bathroom Floor Tile

White might seem tedious, but let’s try and decode the variety that white has to offer. You might end up changing your minds at the end of this article. 

Why White Bathroom Floor Tiles? 

Sometimes simplicity can offer elegance. Here are some of the positives that one can associate with withe bathroom floor tiles: 

  1. White tiles are bright; that’s obvious. However, white also reflects light around the space, brightening up the entire room as well. 
  2. White tiles can be partnered up with a tile of any other colour. It matches well with all colours and can be used effectively to create a contrasting look. 
  3. White bathroom floor tiles create a clean and fresh look that can alleviate the aesthetics of your bathroom. 
  4. If you delve into it, you’ll find a spectrum of shades within white. You can play along with the different white to create a gradient or match up various spaces within your bathroom. 
  5. Don’t let the fear of easily visible dust on the white bathroom floors stop you from experiencing white. The glass-half-full approach says that visible dust makes it easier to clean and looks good as new again. 
  6. White reflects heat, unlike tiles of darker colours. As a result of which it remains cool; thus, your white bathroom floor tiles are likely to stay cool as well. 
  7. Many bathrooms are built such that they don’t have windows, or even if they do, you can’t keep them entirely open for obvious reasons. Bathrooms receive little to no natural light; however, white bathroom floor tiles help brighten up the room to some extent. 
  8. White, a light colour, also makes the bathroom, which is essentially a tiny room, appear more spacious. 

The most prominent concern people seem to have regarding white bathroom floor tiles appears to be the cleaning. Here are three ways to clean white bathroom tiles using basic household ingredients: 


Before you start cleaning your bathroom floor, let the hot water run for a few minutes to open up the pores of the tile material (e.g. ceramic), thus allowing you to do a more thorough job and uncover more dirt. 

– Ensure to clean the grouts beforehand to be wiped up later along with the dirt from the white bathroom floor tiles. 

– If you are using a chemical-heavy cleaning agent, ensure that the windows are open or that the bathroom has sufficient ventilation for the fumes to escape.

Cleaning White Bathroom Floor Tiles With Lemon: 

– Lemon has natural acidic properties, which make sit an exceptional and natural cleaning agent. 

– Transfer lemon juice into a spray bottle. Sprinkle it over the tile and subsequently wipe it with a damp cloth. 

Cleaning White Bathroom Floor Tiles With Vinegar: 

– White vinegar is an organic disinfectant that works well as a tile cleaner as well. 

– To clean white bathroom floor tiles with vinegar, pour half a cup of distilled vinegar into a litre of warm water in a spray bottle. Sprinkle this over your tiles and wipe it with a damp sponge or cloth.

Cleaning White Bathroom Floor Tiles With Baking Soda: 

– Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda is a functional tile cleaning agent and can easily remove grouting and stains. 

– To clean your white bathroom floor tiles with this, make a paste using two to three cups of baking soda and some water or spray straight over the tiles. 

– After this, wipe the tiles with a lemon juice-soaked cloth, then rinse with warm water. 

Mentioned above are a few tips for cleaning white bathroom floor tiles and why installing these in your bathroom is a good idea.