A Definitive Guide to Sanding Old Timber Flooring in Hunters Hill

timber flooring in Hunters Hill

A Definitive Guide to Sanding Old Timber Flooring in Hunters Hill

Many homes have old timber flooring in Hunters Hill. Here’s how homeowners can sand their old timber floors and make them look new again.

If your timber flooring in Hunters Hill is old, it’s an expensive asset that can be easily brought back to its former glory. Even old timber floors that don’t look too great can serve important functions in a house. Timber floors are easy to keep clean. Their inherent durability makes them extremely functional throughout the year.

In the past, timber floor installers in Sydney offered very cheap services as hardwood floors were extremely popular. Accessing high-quality timber was a lot easier and cheaper back then. Nowadays, hardwood floors are slightly more expensive than most homeowners would like to spend.

Plus, unlike in the past, the flooring market is full of different material options – engineered wood, rubber, etc. That’s why many homeowners have old timber floors in their homes. Sanding timber flooring in Hunters Hill is a technique that many homeowners use to preserve their floors’ aesthetic appeal.

Here’s how top timber floor installers in Sydney sand timber floors –

  • Pre-Sanding Preparations:

The first step to efficient sanding is having clear, empty, and clean rooms. To make rooms blank canvases, top timber floor installers in Sydney –

  • Relocate all furniture items, artwork, etc., from the rooms where the floors need to be sanded.
  • Separate the areas of the floor that need to be dusted from the rest of the house. Expert installers of timber flooring in Hunters Hill use plastic sheets and tapes to make tight seals, ensuring no sawdust escapes making the rest of the rooms dirty and dusty.
  • Move all fixed furniture items from the rooms.
  • Ensure all wood panels and floorboards are not rotten. If they are, especially in moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, replace them before sanding the floors.
  • Make sure the surfaces of the floors that need sanding are plain and clear. Or else, the sanding equipment can get seriously damaged. For example, a drum sander can disintegrate if it runs into an exposed nail on the timber floor.
  • Assembling High-Quality Equipment:

Sanding timber flooring in Hunters Hill is impossible if you don’t use the right equipment. Top installers and sanding professionals typically use devices like –

  • Drum sanders
  • Step edger tools  
  • Nail punches
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Personal protective equipment (masks, thick shoes, goggles, etc.)
  • Sandpaper rolls that fit the measurements of the rooms and the floorboards

After assembling these key pieces of equipment, it’s time to start sanding.

  • Safety Steps:

Here are some extra safety steps that top timber floor installers in Sydney take before sanding timber floors – 

  • Wood dust should never be inhaled. So, leaving dry wood dust packed in containers is very unsafe. Always dampen the dust before disposal.
  • Shut down incinerators or fireplaces in the house so that wood dust doesn’t enter.
  • Mix wood dust with general rubbish while disposal.
  • Sanding:

If your timber floors are uneven, try to sand diagonally (at about 45°) across the room in two directions. First, sand in the direction the floorboards are laid (follow the wood grain patterns) and then sand in the opposite direction. Don’t raise the sanding drum off the floor during the process. Raise it gradually.

Expert installers of timber flooring in Hunters Hill allocate plenty of time for the cleanup process after sanding. From vacuuming the sawdust to gathering all the dust from ceilings, walls, etc. – these experts make sure that the sanded timber floors are oil and dirt-free before they apply the varnish.