Know Why Calacatta Tile Is The Best Choice For Your Bathroom

calacatta tile bathroom

Know Why Calacatta Tile Is The Best Choice For Your Bathroom

Selecting bathroom tiles always makes us puzzled. The bathroom tile has to be unique from the room tiles to give a distinct look. On the other hand, it has to sustain in wet conditions. Cost-effectiveness and maintenance also remain in concern when it comes to choosing the right bathroom flooring option.


While normal bathroom tiles can be the option, the calacatta tile bathroom would be the ultimate choice to give a splendid look to your bathroom. Calacatta tiles are rare. They are found and mined in a single place in Italy. Two types of white marbles are mined from this place, and one of them is Calacatta. Thus it is an exceptional flooring option that can beautifully adorn your bathroom floor. 

Why Choose Calacatta For A Bathroom?

You may wonder why, among a variety of popular bathroom flooring options, you would choose Calacatta tile. What is the purpose? What are the benefits of using Calacatta for your bathroom flooring? 


These questions are legitimate. Let us answer these questions by discussing the advantages of using Calacatta tiles in bathrooms. 

Add A Touch Of Elegance

Nothing looks more classy and magnificent than a Calacatta tile on the bathroom. The natural patterns and strokes on the marble blocks give a sheer touch of aesthetic to your bathroom. 


The fact is you can’t find a Calacatta marble block exactly like another Calacatta marble block. This means each Calacatta tile is unique and distinct. 


The shiny and dazzling Calacatta tile reflects light making the bathroom look polished and bright. Undoubtedly, Calacatta tile can revive the bathroom interior with a bit of elegance and beauty.


A Calacatta tile is extremely durable. They don’t break easily and are capable of withstanding impact pressure. They don’t scratch easily, and the polished finishing of the floor remains the same for ages.


Calacatta tile works excellent in wet conditions, which makes it a perfect choice for the bathroom. Also, the colour and shine remain the same even after rough usage. 

Calacatta Tile Is Cost-effective

Thankfully, they are not as expensive as you might be thinking. Yes, it is rare and can be a bit more costly than the usual tiles. But it is a cost-effective option as it would provide long-lasting service and would not require costly maintenance. Therefore, in the long run, Calacatta tile is a cost-effective option.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Calacatta marble tiles don’t grab dirt or watermarks easily. Also, they don’t show scratch or stains. They keep themselves polished enough, and only basic cleaning can keep them shiny.


You can clean them with special marble cleaners for extra care, and you are all set to enjoy a long-lasting bathroom floor. It is that easy to maintain the Calacatta tile floor. 


Calacatta is just the right choice for your bathroom. You can’t just ignore the excellence and uniqueness of the calacatta tile bathroom. Also, when it comes at a reasonable price with high durability and low maintenance facility, why look for other options?