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Best Technical SEO Practices For E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce has become the new way of doing business. Since the pandemic, most business organizations have realized the role of E-commerce and how beneficial it can be even in these testing times. The ECommerce SEO practices need to be performed in such a way that the website can reach out to more and more people. As far as search engine optimization is concerned, it is about being smart to get a good rank on any given search engine on the internet. This is why you will be required to go for professional ecommerce SEO services with years of experience. Here are a few things that you can do regarding Ecommerce SEO

technical seo for ecommerce site

Breadcrumb Navigation

The use of breadcrumb navigation is one of the better eCommerce SEO practices that you can do. When people visit your website, things should be easily accessible to them. With the help of breadcrumb navigation, you can create an organized path for your services on the website. If you provide different products and services, you can create different setups for them. The idea is to make things really smooth and simple for the users so that they can have a seamless experience, finding all the information they need without the hassle. If your website is cluttered, people visiting it can get confused and eventually find some other website that can make things simple for them. 

A Clean URL Structure 

This is one way of making sure to the people that your eCommerce website is handled by professional people and they would be convinced to surf through the content. A clean URL structure means that you need to put words and numbers that can convey something regarding your website rather than putting out random digits that looks confusing. When you will open your website for the first time, the URL structure can be all over the place. A structured URL will let the users know where they are on the website. They can remember the URL which will help them to reach straight to the web page they like to visit. 

Secured Site 

This is one important component of any website, in fact, it’s almost indispensable in the present day as no one wants to compromise their virtual security. It is even more essential in the case of E-commerce websites where people give out their personal details. The world has become technology-friendly but with that, the number of hackers has increased quite evidently with threats to security. If your website is not secured with all the relevant safety features from malicious attacks, people may not visit it in the first place. These days browsers can alert visitors when a website is not secure and safe so it’s easy to turn away customers if you do not employ safety features. So this becomes a must-have Ecommerce SEO practice for you. The idea is simply to get an SSL certificate. It will be shown on the top of the screen where a lock would appear on the left side of the URL in the address bar of any browser. 

Canonical Tags 

This is needed when you have got different URLs for the same content. For example, you might have set different categories for the content on your website depending upon the goods and services you’re providing to the customers. There are times when there would be common content in different categories but the URLs for them are different. Such as different colors or sizes for the same dress. With the help of canonical tags, you can decide which version of the URL should be shown in the search engine. Choose the URL which is most fitting for the content. 

With these key Ecommerce SEO practices, you will be able to design your website in a better way. You will also rank better on search engines which will bring more traffic to your website. It is all about syncing it well!

video seo

Video SEO: How To Rank Videos On Google?

If you are wondering how you can get more video views, the key to it is getting videos ranked in both Google and YouTube searches. SEO for videos is the process of getting more organic traffic on your website without using paid means of promotion. They can also be used for youtube videos as a means of getting more views.

Tips On Getting Videos Ranked On Google

There are a few tips that you should keep in mind while ranking your videos on google. Some of them are discussed below:

1) Create Video on Topics Most Searched On Google

The first thing you must keep in mind while doing SEO for videos is that the video should be on a topic that people usually search on google. People prefer watching videos about the topic searched instead of reading things about it. There are a lot of SEO tools on google that can help you find topics people are searching for.

2) Use Content Explorer

There are many content explorer websites and applications available that can help you find out how many websites have organic traffic related to a particular keyword. You must sort the results by search traffic from high to low. This can give you a list of relevant YouTube videos that has organic search traffic.

3) Video Title

The improper naming structure is the most common SEO for video mistakes many people make while naming video files. Ensure that you name the video file and video title with the relevant keywords. Once you upload the video on youtube, it will automatically determine the video category by its file name.

4) Create A Playlist

Playlists on youtube are not just for decoration, creating a playlist can help you group similar video types together. Viewers can get redirected to other videos you upload by adding a playlist at the end of every video you upload.

5) Upload An Attractive Thumbnail

Video thumbnails play a huge role in SEO for videos as far as getting views on videos is concerned. So, make sure you use good thumbnail editing software to create a good custom thumbnail related to the topic of your video. Make use of contrasting colors that make it stand out from other videos instead of choosing a still from the video.

6) Add Timestamps

You must make sure that you add timestamps in your videos as they help mark the key moments of your video. Google is more likely to show these “key moments” for your videos if you mark them in the YouTube description.


SEO for videos is an important and dynamic topic because Google is continuously changing the way they display videos in search results. We have now discussed how you can use SEO to your advantage. You must keep in mind the points discussed above while creating enticing and engaging videos for users. And, do everything you can to help Google better understand that content.

YouTube SEO: How To Boost Your Video Rankings

YouTube is the biggest and perfect video marketing platform to use. Brands, influencers, and people use this platform regularly. You should also use this YouTube platform for your marketing and promotions.

It is important to know the tricks of YouTube SEO strategies. There are many ways to get YouTube’s strategy right and accurate.

Make perfect videos:

The first thing is that you must have good YouTube videos for the platform. Good video content will take you far and further. People looking for good video content, so, create them.

You have to create short content for ads and promotions. Learning and teaching YouTube content can be big. However, make sure that you make the video essence come out properly.

Use attractive thumbnails:

The best thing that you can do is to have good YouTube thumbnails. The thumbnails will be good for getting clicks. Beautiful and suggestible thumbnails can attract more videos to YouTube.  

Get better keywords and use them properly:

You have to find the right YouTube keywords for your marketing. The best keywords will be your best YouTube SEO strategy. You can find free tools to get YouTube keywords for your use.

You have to look for the right YouTube Keyword usages. You should and must add keywords to your all YouTube video titles.

You have to make sure that you keep YouTube Tike below 60 characters. More than 90 percent of videos do not get clicks for this very reason.

Make sure that you make all your video titles catchy and smart. You do not have to make video titles extra explanatory. You can make video titles a little more interesting and creative and keywords in them.

Some more tips:

  • Make sure that you make the thumbnails match your video content
  • You can use descriptions to promote videos and add keywords in the descriptions
  • You should consider affecting both targets and reacted keywords in video descriptions
  • You have to have an in-video SEO strategy in a place like, end-screen and cards

These tips should be helpful to you in getting the right YouTube SEO plan

Find a good digital marketing agency.

You have to make your YouTube SEO better and effective for smarter results. You can follow the tips above to get smart YouTube SEO results. There are times you might need expert SEO professionals. A lot of small and mid-sized brands use YouTube SEO professionals.

You should be looking for YouTube SEO companies and agencies. You have to look at the track record of the SEO agencies and companies. You have to find out about previous SEO jobs they have done.

You should talk to them about the cost of YouTube SEO. The best YOUTUBE SEO Company will give you smart results and cost alike.

People looking for YouTube Video results should find things easy now. These tips would help you get a good YouTube strategy and tactics for your growth. You just have to use these tips and tricks to market YouTube Videos, so, get going now.

3 steps for better eCommerce SEO content – Power up your SEO with audience understanding

Procuring more organic traffic is top of mind for any business owner or entrepreneur. Hence, the mere thought of mastering eCommerce SEO possibly would have triggered your mind once or twice. But among the search engine algorithm updates and excessive industry jargon, it can be quite often challenging to obtain the hang of this entire SEO thing.

This article would take you from newbie to novice as instantly and simply as possible. It would cover keyword research, site structure as well as organisation accompanied by on-page SEO.

What is the term eCommerce SEO and why is it significant?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of yielding more organic (i.e., free, natural) traffic from sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When you search for something on Google, for instance, you are directed to the search engine results page (SERP)

Ecommerce SEO is about making sure your product pages appear among those first and foremost ten organic search results. Indeed, there are many more pages to explore. But the greater the page number you rank on, the lower the traffic you would generate.

A few years ago, a study revealed that only 4.8 % of searchers could make it to the second page of the search results. Your ranking on the first page matters as well. A similar study stated that the top-most results grab 32.5% of traffic on average. The second result captures only 17.6%. With result six, you are looking at less than 5% of traffic on average.

The gimmick trick then is to rank as high on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and much more. As you consider for search terms that your potential customers might be using.

Why is SEO significant for your E-commerce site?

Irrespective of your business’ size, target audience or industry, Ecommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is significant for maximising your profits. Search Engines such as Google have now become an integral part of the online shopping experience.

You can check and confirm this by employing any analytics platform consisting of Google Analytics. You are required to log in to your chosen platform and examine your primary traffic sources. There is a probability that organic search would characterise remarkably. In fact, for many e-commerce stores, Google has become their number one source of traffic.

When you notice the numbers, you very well understand the underlying cause behind this process. As per the Global Digital Overview studies, is the most visited website across the globe. This aspect suspends Google above among many other household names comprising YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and much more.

It has been estimated that approximately 40-60 billion searches occur on Google across the globe around every single month. Especially for eCommerce stores, organic search in eCommerce SEO implies an enormous potential audience and several additional revenues just waiting to be tapped into the business.


Thus, it is nearly impossible to contradict and disagree about how vital eCommerce SEO is to your online store’s inevitable success. If you neglect or ignore SEO, you are restricting your business’s growth, profits, and revenues.

Google review to get more traffic

7 Ways To Get More Google Reviews To Boost Your Business Credibility

Reviews play a vital role in determining your business’s credibility and attracting more and more customers. Most people today look for reviews before buying any product. It is necessary to understand the importance of reviews in today’s digital world. If you visit an SEO agency in Singapore today, you will get to know how reviews affect your products and services’ image.


How to get more Google Reviews?

Google My Business Listing

Please ensure that you have provided all the information about your business in the form of a profile. You must include your contact number, menu, website, and the visual graphics of your business. All these features will make your web page strong while your chances to rank for branded keywords are enhanced. All this is made possible through Google My Business Listings.


Work well

Reviews are good, but not when all of them radiate negativity. Your company must work hard to meet the expectations of customers and receive positive feedback. Try to work on the issues that customers have highlighted after using your products and services. Make sure that you give your 100% effort to produce credible services.



It is necessary to communicate with your customers. Once the search engine optimization brings you close to your target audience, it must have interaction with them and ask if they are facing any issues. You must ask how happy they are with your business and is there a scope for improvement.


Exchange rewards

You can plan on providing rewards to the customers who leave feedback on your website. It does not need to be anything significant but can be a simple thing like a 10-20% discount on availing services. 


Never plan on using fake review

With so many people using digital media to avail of your services, it has become easy for them to spot fake reviews. You should never put your business integrity at risk by buying fake reviews. It creates a bad image of your company in the industry. 


Provide response

It is pretty apparent that being in a competitive space, you receive both positive and negative forms of reviews. Ensure that you respond to each review because it acts as a method of interaction with the users. Reply to them with responsibility and listen to their issues. Assure them for more improvements ahead if possible.


Use good SEO technique

Getting in touch with the best SEO agency in Singapore will let you know that by using the right SEO techniques, you can gain more and more customers. It is necessary to work on your content and engagement activities with the clients. Moreover, it would be best to stay updated with the latest trends in your sector to give good competition to others in the industry. 

Always try to find the best and the experienced search engine optimization providers in your proximity so that your information remains safe and you can expand your business effectively.

In these conditions, it is important to limit the impacts of breaking news originating from all around the globe.

Prevent Kids from Getting Exposed To Fake News Regarding COVID-19

2020 has been a year brimming with shocks and about creation changes in our lives. Who might have believed that all the hustle-clamor of life would be stopped and the world would be static? A pandemic has changed the entire meaning of ordinary life. Individuals are compelled to stay at home and on the off chance that if they need to go out they need to follow the convention and sop. Maybe John everything happened because you have to watch that Elsa Anna film for the twelfth hundredth occasions with Ellie? Simply saying. Be that as it may, on the lighter note, we have the chance to make this entire isolate time commendable by remaining at home and investing quality energy with the children and seniors. 

The entire world is shut, this is a genuine issue nobody has ever experienced this sort of involvement with the current century and that is the reason it is hard for individuals to manage it without being on edge. In these conditions, it is important to limit the impacts of breaking news originating from all around the globe. One can have an observing application introduced in the child’s mobile phones and different devices with the goal that a wide range of news doesn’t make them on edge and influence their emotional wellness. Among all the observing applications present in the store we are here to discuss one of the best and productive The OgyMogy. Telephone spy programming work to help those guardians who are stressed over their prosperity just as representatives who should be observed. 

Use Website Filtering: 

With the flare-up of the viral infection in China and its spread all around the world, individuals have been making a million sorts of hypotheses about the spread. There have been online conversations and phony news concerning various issues for instance drinking high temp water throughout the day can spare you from the novel coronavirus and some more. So to ensure you hinder every one of these sorts of sites promptly utilizing OgyMogy. 

Watch Their Browsing History and Bookmarks: 

You can watch out for the web perusing the history of your youngster utilizing the track web perusing history highlight of OgyMogy. It will let you know whether your kid is oftentimes visiting any site that spreads bits of gossip or phony news. You can check your child’s enthusiasm during the quarantine time frame by viewing the bookmarked tab. 

Web-based life The Hub Of Fake News: 

Web-based life clients have been unreasonably expanded during the lockdown time frame. As individuals have a lot of time, so they have reactivated their client accounts and are seen online more now and again than any other time in recent memory. With this change, there has been a high danger of the spread of phony news. Only for certain snaps and devotees individuals twist reality and post it online which is then spread like fire all around the world gratitude to internet-based life So it is need of great importance that your youngster web-based social networking exercises are observed altogether and ensure the individual doesn’t engage in the spread of any sort of phony news. 

Facebook Spy App: 

It permits the client to have full access to a wide range of visits, keystrokes applied and motion occurring in the objective individual’s record. Face book spy application permits the guardians to think about the voice log subtleties too. So with the Facebook spy application, you can check if your children are into any counterfeit news destinations and so forth. 

WhatsApp Spy App: 

Another fundamental internet based life stage that can be a wellspring of the spread of phony news is WhatsApp. Individuals share any sort of message in bunch talks without compliance in this way can be wellsprings of misconception. WhatsApp spy application permits the guardians to have full access to all the talks messages and media sharing through WhatsApp. You can guarantee your youngster’s psychological wellness well-being by watching out for all gathering talks too and obstruct all the dubious clients. 

The application additionally has a Skype spy application, Twitter, Instagram, and numerous others. So ensure you hinder any sort of malevolent material from your youngster’s media accounts. 

So select the ideal bundle and introduce the OgyMogy application by following straightforward advances. It will make your life simpler and increasingly quiet. If you like to create fake email id then use fake email generator. Or if you like to do; one shopping then use your debit card number that work.


A recent trend in keyword research is the content analysis of Google's best-ranked websites for a specific search term using WDF * IDF - a mathematical formula that includes logarithmic search term density, term weights, and union set calculation is working.

Keyword tools for analyzing and researching search terms

Keyword tools help you create good and relevant content for your website. The basis for this is comprehensive keyword research for frequently searched terms, word combinations, long-tail keywords, term weightings, and search trends. With their help, you can focus your content exactly on the search queries and topics that your users are looking for!

A recent trend in keyword research is the content analysis of Google’s best-ranked websites for a specific search term using WDF * IDF – a mathematical formula that includes logarithmic search term density, term weights, and union set calculation is working. The keyword density only plays a minor role.

Keyword Research: Keyword Analysis Tools

The basis for ranking-strong texts is a comprehensive search of keyword trends and search behavior of your target group. Before you start blindly creating new content, you should be aware of what you are looking for. The following keyword tools will help you:

Google Ads Keyword Planner

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is one of the best tools for analyzing and researching search terms! It’s a powerful tool for analyzing search volume and generating keyword ideas based on different search criteria. To display the keyword suggestions, up to a maximum of 100 search words can be specified or, alternatively, suggestions based on a website can be generated automatically by specifying the URL. Even suggestions from a matching Google category are possible to determine the best Keywords for the most common searches.

When creating the list of ideas, the Google Ads Keyword Tool uses specific search queries and identifies the competition factor and estimated monthly searches for each proposal. Unfortunately, to use the Google Keyword Planner, it is now necessary to have at least one active Google Ads campaign.

Google Suggest

Google Suggest is the autocomplete Google search. As you enter a search term, Google will expand the word input with relevant search suggestions based on various factors, such as search frequency, search frequency, search behavior, and geolocation.

It can be assumed that the proposed search phrases are very popular search terms (long-tail keywords) – therefore, it makes sense to include them in your own keyword research. Personally, I always enter all relevant terms in an Excel spreadsheet and then analyze their potential with the Google Keyword Planner.

Google Trends

Google Trends is the keyword research tool par excellence when it comes to content research. With the help of Google Trends, you not only get information about what’s hot right now, you can also search for terms and see how their search behavior has evolved over the past few years. Also, a comparison of several search terms and other search variants can be evaluated.

Especially with seasonal terms, it is fascinating to observe the search behavior and the peaks at specific seasons. When it comes to content analysis and research, there’s no getting around Google Trends.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate is an analysis tool that provides information about how strongly the frequency of multiple search terms correlates with each other at a specified time interval. Using Google Correlate, you can analyze the search frequency of individual terms in relation to other search terms within a defined period of time, allowing you to draw conclusions about emerging trends in society.

Unlike Google Trends, Google Correlate does not analyze the frequency of search queries for a single search term, but rather the frequency of search terms relative to others within a fixed time period. When querying a search term in Google Trends, you get information about the activity of the search term within a defined period of time. With Google Correlate one enters its search term and receives a list of further search terms, which in frequency have a similar time course.


Straight away: Genius Keyword Research Tool! Using a given search term and a freely selectable language, the tool analyzes appropriate questions and prepositions that are frequently asked by searchers via Google & Co. For example, a search query for the term “keyword analysis” will yield the appropriate questions “how does keyword analysis work” or “what is keyword analysis” – ideal results for determining long-tail keywords!

The special thing about AnswerThePublic is not only the extraordinary appearance (you’ll see what I mean), but the extremely successful visualization of the search results and their meaningful subdivision into question words or W-questions (who, how, what, where, when, why, etc.).


Hypersuggest is my absolute favorite in keyword research – it’s free and without limitations! Based on a search term, the tool queries the matching search queries on Google, Youtube, and Google Shopping, evaluates them, and then provides the evaluation in a clear list for download. You can decide for yourself whether you want to export the whole list as a CSV for Excel or just individual entries.

When analyzing and querying the keyword suggestions, you can decide for yourself whether the search term you define should be advanced or adjusted, or both in combination. It is also possible to determine for which country the search results should be queried. And as if that were not enough, the developer – himself a designated Bayer and beer lover – provides a W-questions tool that analyzes the most common questions about the keyword.


Thanks, Ubersuggest designed the tedious (manual) Keyword research much easier, because in seconds can be found new keywords. Just type in the keyword, select the target language, and you’ll get a comprehensive selection of matching Keyword extensions and long-tail keywords. For example, if you define “SEO” as the keyword, you will get the following keywords: SEO tools, SEO check, SEO analysis, SEO optimization, SEO agency, etc.! Although Ubersuggest does not replace professional Keyword analysis, it will save you a lot of time in the base.

The Keyword Tool from will allow you to query up to 750 keyword suggestions for free – for Google Search, Bing, the YouTube video sharing platform, Amazon, and the App Store! In addition, country-specific keywords can be queried for all countries in which the search engines/platforms are active.

The Keyword Tool takes the main term you are looking for and creates a list of alternative (matching) terms and search queries that are common in search results. Also, a W-questions tool for frequently asked questions about the defined search term is available. The complete list can be exported as a text CSV or Excel sheet.


The kwfinder is a rather young keyword analysis tool, but scores with a very clear design and great features with many useful keyword and competitive data.

After a quick and uncomplicated registration, it is possible in the free version to evaluate up to 50 relevant keyword suggestions by entering a search term. For each keyword, the top 10 of the Google SERPS can be queried – with detailed data on Domain Authority, Page Authority, Domain Trust, Social Shares, and more. Unfortunately, one gets very quickly the limits of the free version to feel, because the evaluation of the individual search terms is limited to 3 queries per day. Still, a great tool for occasional keyword analysis.

Mangotools SERP-Checker

The SERP Checker comes from the same forge as the kwfinder, but focuses on the analysis and evaluation of the TOP search hits in the Google SERPS. What is the competition for a specific keyword? How well are the best sites in this area? What effort must be made to place on the first page of the search hits? The tool provides the answers to all these questions.

Tip: The small inconspicuous button “Manage metrics” can query a variety of SEO-relevant metrics. The wealth of information is enormous!