What To Look For When Looking For Curtains?

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What To Look For When Looking For Curtains?

Looking for home décor can be overwhelming. Customisation, designs, retail offers and retail plans are enough to make anyone go insane. Especially when it comes to home, no one wants to compromise. It is a personal space we all yearn to go back to. After a tiring day, all we require is to lay back on our couch to push away all the fatigue. 

Home décor is a personal choice. It’s how someone likes their place to be. Some are even emotional while searching the suitable materials for their homes. Whether selecting the perfect colour for the walls or selecting the most comfortable couch, from dressers to photo frames, everything plays a role in making a home. One such décor item that can make or break the look of your living is curtains. They can add immense value to your space or can ruin the aesthetics.

In Australian suburbs like Chatswood, Sylvania, Hunters Hill, etc., you will find many options concerning curtains and blinds. However, if you’re someone looking specifically for curtains, make sure to keep the following things in mind, 

  • Fabric And Colour 

Not everything is about the look. Most things look beautiful in the stores; however, we learn the hidden faults after using them. Make sure to check the material of the curtains. Ask the salesperson about the kind of fabrics being used. Check if the fabric is too heavy or too light. Remember, the heavy material will not have proper pleats when drawn and will not fold correctly. Also, if the fabric is too light, it may not fall well. Check how they flare and how it looks. 

Select neutral tones. This might sound bizarre but neutral styles add value to the look. Neutral tones are pleasant and suit any colour combinations. 

  • Length And Lining 

Before going to shop for curtains in Chatswood, take a measurement of your window. Make sure to check the length of the curtains. Some standard sizes are available, and you can get the curtains made if the available size doesn’t match your requirement. Make sure to select curtains that are just a little longer than your window. Not too long or not too short. A few inches longer than your window. These extra inches will block the sun from entering your room from around the corners. 

Check the stitching and lining of the curtains. It plays a vital role in making the curtains functional for your room and makes them durable and user friendly. 

  • Off-shelf And Custom Prices 

Custom curtains can provide you with a lot of options. You can get tailored curtains to suit your taste and space. However, customisation charges may vary according to where you’re getting it done and all the added costs based on your choice of materials and patterns. Customisation is not the most budget-friendly option out there. 

If customisation charges are not reasonable for you, select high quality off-shelf retail curtains. Make sure to compare the prices before making a decision. Do not assume customisation isn’t good. Be sure to check your options.

  • Washing And Dry Cleaning 

curtains in Chatswood are going to be a part of your home décor. They’re one of the functional items of interiors. You must know how to clean the product which you will be getting. Check if the curtains are machine wash friendly or require dry cleaning. Some curtains come with dry cleaning advised as first was, and then you can machine wash them. Know what is needed and decide according to your convenience. Ask questions if anything confuses you. 

  • Online And Offline Purchase 

Online is convenient, and offline is more personal. However, if you’re going to opt for an online purchase, make sure to know about the return policy and reliability of the site. Go for renowned brands. Remember, things look different on-screen and off-screen; make sure you’re purchasing after reading the details and product descriptions.