Trends In Bathroom Feature Tiles

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Trends In Bathroom Feature Tiles

Has your bathroom gotten poorly damaged? Or is it that you want to set up a new bathroom? Whatever might be the case, bathroom feature tiles are one of the ways to bring a certain charm to your bathrooms. You get several styles when you look into bathroom feature tiles. All of them will have features of their own. When things are concerned with your bathroom, you have to give major importance to the tiles. The majority of the installation required is certainly concerned with bathroom feature tiles. Whether you want to have a wall of bathroom feature tiles or a ceramic tile patterned floor, the options are endless, and you also need to keep up with the latest trends. If you wish to make a smaller space more spacious, feature tiles can be of great use. If you have too much width in your bathroom rather than length measured from the door, you can easily use feature tiles for the flooring, beginning at the opposite end at the back wall. How does this work? It creates an illusion, making the room longer than it is, and it can be quite an effective trick if done right to create the desired look. Also, you can try using lighter or darker coloured feature tiles in your bathroom to create space or light. 

With the fundamentals out of the way, why don’t you look for some specific trends of feature tiles for bathrooms which have become popular these days? Let’s jump right into it.

Mosaic Tiles 

One of the options regarding bathroom feature tiles with you is mosaic tiles. It is one way of adding many colours with the same bunch of tiles. It’s always difficult to choose one particular colour regarding tiles in your bathroom. So why not go for many of them all at once? It is available with a splash of colours which adds a lot of value to your large tiles. It is almost like a collage hanging on your walls which makes it so beautiful. This is how bathroom feature tiles should be, and people have made mosaic tiles one of the most popular options as well. You have to make sure that the installation process goes smoothly here. You would have to prepare your walls and floor nicely before you go on to install mosaic tiles. 

Timber Look Tiles 

It might sound like a crazy option. Timber look tiles in a bathroom? There’s no way. But if we go by the trend, timber look tiles are some of the best options for bathroom feature tiles. While you can use some other kinds of tiles for your floors, the walls would look amazing with the help of timber tiles. It is one way of creating a natural style bathroom. The biggest reason you should go for these types of tiles is that they would add a different look to your place. The look will stay fresh if you can polish it from time to time. The maintenance required would be high, but so would be the benefits from it.  

Ceramic Tiles 

When it comes to bathroom feature tiles, ceramic tiles might be one of the best options available to you. This option is the most popular amongst the masses. But why is that so? First and foremost, the material of ceramic tiles is water-resistant. Secondly, the tiles are very durable. Both of these things are a necessity as far as bathrooms are concerned. To add to it, ceramic tiles require very low maintenance from you. With several designs available, you can look to install this option as the cost would prove to be very affordable. 


Which trend of bathroom feature tiles would you prefer? You have to make sure that you choose the right professional services to install the tiles in your bathroom!