Getting Commercial Refurbishment In Ultimo: Why Installing Suspended Acoustic Ceilings Should Be Your Priority

Getting Commercial Refurbishment In Ultimo: Why Installing Suspended Acoustic Ceilings Should Be Your Priority

Ceilings play a surprisingly important role in creating productive and efficient work environments. Architects and commercial design companies design ceilings that are pleasing to the eyes and the ears. Yes, your office space’s ceilings can be designed to improve sound privacy inside your workspace. 

Ceilings with noise reduction capabilities can help create peaceful and noise pollution-free workspaces. Since so many companies have invested in open office plans, investing in such solutions is very important. Or else, noise levels inside the office may cause severe dissatisfaction amongst the employees. 

That’s why experts of commercial refurbishment in Ultimo advise office managers to install suspended acoustic ceilings.

What are Suspended Acoustic Ceilings?

Suspended acoustic ceilings are secondary ceilings. They’re installed right below the structural ceiling. This arrangement makes the ceiling look more attractive. Suspended ceilings can hide mechanical, electrical, or plumbing connections, making office rooms appear cleaner and more spacious. 

The top commercial fit-out companies in Sydney also incorporate a lot of acoustical forethought while selecting suspended ceilings. They choose ceilings that offer the best sound control. Sound levels are usually very high throughout the day in commercial buildings. Here’s how suspended acoustical ceilings cut down this noise pollution –

How Noise Travels inside Commercial Buildings

In most commercial buildings, the walls aren’t as close to us as the ceilings. Office rooms are typically very wide. The walls are separated by several feet. Hence, the surfaces of the walls don’t impact the way sound travels inside these spaces as much as the ceiling. Almost all sound inside an office space reflects off the ceiling. Hence, treating it or soundproofing it (instead of the walls) is the more logical option. 

Creating Acoustic Ceiling Plans 

To acoustically treat ceiling planes, experts of office refurbishment in Sydney take the following steps –

  • They load the back of the suspended acoustic ceiling with thick and absorptive materials. These materials don’t impact the look or functions of the walls. But, they do make them less sensitive to low bass frequencies. 
  • Materials like fibreglass, metal, or wood are used to manufacture suspended acoustic ceilings. When these ceilings are filled up with thick and absorbent materials, they absorb all the sound that touches their surfaces. 
  • Any loud noise made inside the office will be immediately absorbed by the suspended acoustic ceiling. Hence, employees can communicate with each other freely without worrying about causing noise pollution. 

Installing the Suspended Ceilings 

Experts of commercial refurbishment in Ultimo specialize in room acoustics. They know what types of suspended ceilings suit different workspaces. They also know what angles they need to hang them from to get the best results. 

However, relief from noise pollution isn’t the only advantage of installing suspended acoustic ceilings. Top commercial fit-out companies in Sydney advise office owners/managers to install these ceilings because of the following benefits –

  • Increased Energy-Efficiency: Suspended ceilings make office rooms shorter and smaller. The space that needs to be air-conditioned, heated, or illuminated is smaller once you install these ceilings. Hence, your energy bills won’t be as high as earlier. In the long run, suspended acoustic ceilings can save your office building thousands of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy every year.  
  • Easier Installations: Installing lights or overhead appliances on suspended ceilings is much easier for office workers. 
  • Brighter Rooms: If your suspended ceilings have reflective qualities, they can make your office rooms appear brighter. For instance, white or silver-coloured ceiling panels are extremely reflective. They help create bright and well-illuminated interior spaces in offices. 
  • Easier Cleaning: It’s easier for people to reach up to their suspended ceilings and clean them. This feature is extremely helpful in humid work environments. Ceilings inside hot office rooms tend to pick up a lot of stains and marks. Suspended ceilings can be treated with special chemicals and made stain-resistant. It’s also easier to dust or apply cleaning sprays on lower, suspended ceilings.

Buying Suspended Acoustic Ceilings: What to Expect?

Suspended acoustic ceilings come in a myriad of designs, styles, and materials. Pick one that suit’s your existing office space’s aesthetic and functional needs. Contrary to belief, installing suspended acoustic ceilings doesn’t cost much. 

All you need is access to a licensed provider of commercial refurbishment in Ultimo. These professionals can buy raw materials for the suspended ceilings at cheap rates and get you hefty discounts.