Guide To Buy Best Water Ski Rope

blue color water ski rope

Guide To Buy Best Water Ski Rope

Winters are nearing the end and summers are all-set to welcome the skiers. Water skiers are being eagerly awaited by the water bodies. The water bodies will once again wear a joyous look with skiers happily enjoying around on them. For this fun, skiers have to be prepared with their new equipment including water ski rope. The ski ropes are used by skiers to do water skiing. To make you more familiar with these ropes, this article will provide you the information you have been looking for! Without losing a second, let’s proceed further with this piece of information.

There are some key elements while choosing a water ski rope. These elements are given as under

  • The length of the rope
  • The stretch of rope
  • The size of the handle

The rope used for water-skiing is different from the one used for a wakeboard. Both these sports, water-skiing and wakeboard; employ different ropes as they both have a different approach. 

Length of the Rope

On average, the length of the rope is around 70 feet. They have detachable lengths ranging between 3 feet to 7 feet. The detachable length is based on the manufacturer. 

The Stretch of Rope

The ropes have more stretch to them. The impact on the upper torso is reduced due to this stretch.

The Size of the Handle

The handles are smaller in ski ropes along with being less padded; in comparison to the handles of wakeboard ropes. It’s better not to use large handles in ski ropes as they get entangled easily; the reason being that the skiers fall on their front.

What to look for?

Finding a water ski rope is not as simple as finding the length and hooking it around; as you want. If you are going to be engaged in water-skiing; you better know the features of the rope being purchased and the differences between ski rope and other ropes.


  • Stretches to around 3 percent of its length – It must stretch as it is made of polypropylene. This stretch is under normal conditions and may vary according to the climatic conditions.
  • Must possess Elasticity – the rope must possess some elasticity which will help during the change in the speed of the skier. It also helps when takes a turn from the one to the next.
  • Shock Absorber – it must be a good shock absorber; especially when the skier moves from side-to-side, between the boat wakes.
  • Good breaking Strength – the rope must have a breaking strength of more than 750 pounds.
  • Diamond Braid – the rope must by diamond braided polypropylene or polyethylene for about one-quarter inch.

Take-offs of the rope:

Take-offs are a must in a ski rope. The biggest advantage of these take-offs is that they allow the rope to lengthen or get shortened. This lengthening and shortening happen from one attachment loop to the next. One must take off the loops if skiing closer to the boats; or in other way, add loops. There are around 10 coloured sections for take-off in the standard ropes.

Now, you might have got a crisp idea about the skiing ropes and would feel easy to choose one, while buying.