How To Clean Your Kid’s Teddy Bear At Home:

How To Clean Your Kid’s Teddy Bear At Home:

Teddy bears are soft playthings that must be endured with care. Kids like to take their teddy bears to spots like restaurants and parks, and they get dirty with lots of handling. There are various methods to wash your kid’s teddy bear. Be it removing those annoying spots or tints or knowing how to dry your teddy bear virtually, you can rest assured that it will come out neat, smooth, and dry without a doubt. And all you require is just simple household things. Here are some of the main ways to clean the Plush Teddy Bear safely:

Spot washing:

Spot washing is one of the best ways to wash your child’s Plush Teddy Bear for those who don’t own a washing machine. First, get a fingernail scrub and soap bar. Damp the scrub in cold water, drenching it. Damp your teddy bear in water and collect the soap on the brush by cleansing it. Clean the areas of your teddy bear with tints or spots. After that, ensure you rinse it nicely. Ensure to scrub behind its ears, neck, and any other places where stitchings create cracks and excess dirt might accumulate. Find a new, neat towel. And soak it in water. Gently brush the bear’s cleaned areas to clear soap and suds, so the fur doesn’t become crunchy as it parches. 

Use washing machine:

Here is how you can clean the teddy bear in the washing machine, mainly by operating the gentle wash option in your washing machine. It is one of the most comfortable and hassle-free methods of cleaning your teddy. Suppose your teddy has any clothes you can remove to control entangling and ensure your bear is bathed thoroughly. Put the Plush Teddy Bear into a defensive pillowcase or mesh bag before setting it into a washing machine. First, add the correct quantity of detergent to your washer. Then select the machine’s process to hand wash or delicate. Finally, choose warm or cold water. Do not use hot water since this may damage the bear. Clean it with vinegar or baking soda if you don’t have washing detergent. Use two to three mugs of purified vinegar and a drizzle or two of baking soda. 

Remove odour in teddy bear:

To clear the odour, get a big plastic bag and put some baking powder, cornstarch powder, or baking soda. Cover the teddy up in it and jiggle it well. You can give it to your child, turn on some delightful music, and shake it to the rhythm to make the cleaning much more pleasant. After the powder is immersed from the shaking, remove the plastic bag and remove the teddy. Leave it for the next few hours. Get a delicate brush and dust off any particles softly after that. Remember to do this only after cleaning or washing your Plush Teddy Bear.

Drying the teddy bear:

Squeeze water from its legs, hands, and head, but retain their original shape. Do not twist or wring them as you would with a bath towel. Then use a towel to pat any remaining water from their fur gently. Putting up a fan to blow on the bear will help it dry out quicker. Use a hair dryer or laundry to hurry things up for more immediate results. Nevertheless, there is a significant risk of smashing your bear on this route, so be extra cautious. Once the bear has dried out, use a neat brush or comb to freshen up its fur. 

Final thoughts:

Spot-cleaning or machine washing can be done to remove the dust. Please don’t put the teddy bear out in the sun when drying, as it can fade the colour. In case mishaps happen, it is always beneficial to know if there is any assurance on the toy.