Top 7 Steps Pro Painters Never Forget To Follow

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Top 7 Steps Pro Painters Never Forget To Follow

Painting is never an easy task. It requires perfection. The wall needs protection. The job is expensive. Experts follow their standard procedure.

This is why the task is time-consuming. You get results only if the job is best done. 

  • There are a few basics that experts never overlook when painting
  • They guarantee the paint to last for years on the wall
  • The procedures are best for exterior and interior painting tasks

1. Treat The Walls For Lead

Lead is dangerous for health. Traditional paints were lead-based. When scrapping, lead can be airborne. It can be damaging.

Expert painters are aware of this. They always take precautions when scrapping old paints. Protection is important to follow. They make use of plastic coverings before scraping.

2. Washing Walls

Once you scrap the old paint coat, you have to wash the walls. Paint residues are always left behind on the walls. Expert painters in Sydney Eastern Suburbs will never leave the walls without washing. 

This task is essential as water will wash away all paint particles and debris.

3. Scrapping Task

Scrapping is essential before you apply a new paint coat. Paint flakes are not easy to remove. You have to scrap the walls. You need access to the right tools.

The technique is also important. Professional painters in Sydney Eastern Suburbs follow specific technique to scrap the walls. Hot air treatment is one of the best techniques today.

4. Sanding

Once you scrap the walls, it will gain a rough finish. You have to sand the walls using quality sanding paper. This is one technique followed by experts.

The expert team will perform this task in two or three layers. It leaves the walls clear from dust and paint flakes. Hire the best painters for this task.

5. Repairs

Repairs are only done after the filling task. Sanding will produce ores on the walls. They are not generally visible. But the filling is essential. The holes need coverage. Cracks need treatment. Patches need touchups. 

Good quality priming material is the right solution. Experts use quality putty material for filling and repairs.

6. Priming

Putty will help cover cracks, holes and patches, but the wall needs layering as well. It should have a very smooth finish. Good finish walls will soak less paint. It makes the painting more economical. Never try the DIY technique to prime the wall. It needs an expert touch. You have to select quality primer material.

7. Caulk Joints

Acrylic caulking is the best option for any home. It offers a smooth finish. They create tight joints. It makes the wall water-resistant. It soaks less dust as well.

You have to hire experienced painters for caulking task.

Once you complete the above tasks, the wall is ready for painting. You have to select the best quality paint. There are always different choices available.

The selection of paint will depend on your budget. You can consult experts for quality paint selection. Choosing the right technique is also important.