Polished Concrete Floors- What You Should Know About it?

Polished Concrete Floors- What You Should Know About it?

Deciding the right material for the floor is a wise decision. If chosen wisely, the floors last for years to come. Further, polished concrete floors are quite similar to the basic concrete slab. Besides, the polished ones start with the base and include a concrete densifier.

Likewise, the densifier helps to harden and seal the material. Many manufacturers in Sydney feel the polished concrete floors to be ideal for homes and commercial purposes. These floors are low maintenance and used in various places in homes.

All about the polished Concrete Floors

Homeowners planning for a contemporary look in Sydney goes with the polished concrete floors. Moreover, the concrete contractor evaluates the current house condition to see which one of the techniques will work well with the floors. The process of polishing the floors is quite straightforward.

Secondly, if any coating already exists, remove it first and the cracks must also be filled properly. Then, the surface will have to be mechanically ground down, sealed with a chemical densifier, and then polished. In addition, add a seal layer if it is required for the glossy look.

  • The durability of the concrete floors

Concrete floors found in many stores in Sydney are extremely tough and long-lasting. Likewise, it stands up to the heavy wear and tears with the longevity adding to popular picks for businesses. Polished concrete floors in Sydney add up to make beautiful homes. Similarly, the gloss and smooth appearance make it sleek and look stylish. The gloss is light-reflective adding to the appeal. Available in a variety of colours, everything satin looks highly glossy. 

  • Safety precautions of the floors

The floors raise safety concerns among people if used in moisture areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Likewise, as smart options throw rugs with slip-resistant backing to keep the place dry. It allows the concrete floors to shine with additional tracking for walking in the homes. There are anti-grip additives to provide grip and texture to the concrete without creating a dull look. 

  • How to maintain the concrete floors?

The polished concrete floors don’t require expensive maintenance. Furthermore, they will look their best if kept clean every day. Take a simple dust mopper to remove the dirt and debris from the surfaces.

Also, take a wet mop to lift all the stubborn particles disturbing the look of the concrete floors. The houses in Sydney, use the soft mop and cleaner maintained for the floors to keep it looking good.

Can you consider Polished floors to be DIY Friendly?

Polishing of the concrete floors is complex especially if you want to add variants of colours and slip resistance in it. Also, the older slabs and brand-new ones, both can be polished. Further, consider the integrity and curing process of the concrete before moving ahead with the project. Evaluate the floor properly before carrying out the polish part. 


Polished floors are the look of every house today. Make your home stand out from the others using the polished concrete floors.