Are You Planning To Refurbish Your Shower With Porcelain Tile?

Are You Planning To Refurbish Your Shower With Porcelain Tile?

Featured Leverages of Porcelain Shower Tile:

Porcelain shower tile is a compact and non-permeable material. It is resistant to frost and fire, wear and breakage. It also resists acids, chemicals and thermal shocks. Porcelain shower tiles and floors offer substantial leverages being durable, resistant and easy to clean. These advantages are in numerous applications in residential, commercial and public venues. These tiles are resistant to football as well as resistant to attack from chemical agents. Porcelain shower tile surface is characterised by unalterable aesthetics that facilitate porcelain tiles to become a perfect floor choice.  Stone-look Porcelain tiles complement commercial and public spaces, restaurants and wellness areas, shops, offices, hotels and business lounges.

Shower tiles offer the innate ability to be apt for utilisation in areas subject to high footfall, such as modern shopping centres, airports, schools, museums, hospitals and other public places. Tiles do not get easily damaged when they come in to contact with acids or detergents. They do not allow the build-up of mites or bacteria. They do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC). Shower tiles are easy going as far as maintenance is concerned. Thanks to these featured highlights of porcelain floors. They are particularly suitable for use in spa and wellness centres, bathroom floors as well as kitchen floors in both residential and industrial contexts. In general, they are ideal for use in all public or commercial venues that require safety and hygiene.

Porcelain Shower Tile Floor Surface Finishes

Porcelain shower tiles are available in different surface finishes depending upon the application of use. There are divergent surface finishes including the matt surface, the honed glossy finish, the honed satin finish, the textured surface and the grip surface.

Porcelain Shower Tiles for Outdoor Utilisation

Being water-proof and resistant to pollutants, frost salt and chlorine, porcelain shower tiles come with a non-slip finish. They are safe and perfect for outdoor paving in public and private areas. They complement very well for applications such as gardens and terraces. They come with a pleasant stylistic continuity and surface indoors and outdoors. Porcelain shower tiles Flooring in 20mm thickness are specifically designed for maximum strength and safety in external residential and commercial areas such as walkways and gardens, patios, swimming pool edges, urban pedestrian and commercial carriageable areas.

Compatible for Sustainable Designs

Porcelain shower tile floors meet the requirements of sustainable building and allow the construction of architectural projects that are environmentally friendly.

Aesthetic Parameters:

Porcelain Shower tile floors stand out thanks to their striking aesthetic beauty. Moreover, thanks to the possible synergy between the attention paid to market trends and the application of the most advanced technology and production research. The outcome of the ongoing research into trends in architecture and the planning and design of interiors and exteriors, tile floors are characterised by impeccable style, the ultimate perfection of their surface and the dynamic innovation of their design. The extraordinary elegance and richness and attention to detail are the outcomes of constant technical and technological research. Shower tile floors procure inspiration from natural materials. They are characterised by astounding realism and as much attention to detail as possible. Wood effect porcelain tiles, marble effect, stone effect, cement effect floors all combine and blend the natural world’s style and feel/surfaces that evoke porcelain shower tiles’ technical and functional advantages. These floors mirror and reflect the latest design trends in terms of materials and furnishing. They are the ultimate choice for the planning of indoor and outdoor spaces to please without compromising on aesthetics, safety and functionality.

Porcelain Shower tiles are a stylish choice for the ultimate flooring patterns in and across Australia. Porcelain Shower Tiles striking leverages make the stone strikingly different and outperform the rest.