Signs You Need To Replace Your Commercial Blender

Signs You Need To Replace Your Commercial Blender

Blenders are valuable and versatile kitchen appliances, but nearly everyone has one in their cabinet. It cuts down prep time and drives all kinds of delectables, such as juices, spices, desserts, and more. But as with all kitchen appliances, it will not last forever. Most people believe they need to replace their commercial blender every five years. However, this is only partially true. While it is true that the average blender will last around five years with proper care and maintenance, some factors can shorten its lifespan. Using a broken blender is not only a waste of energy but is also a safety hazard. Here there are lists of signs you need to replace your commercial blender:

It stops midway through blending.

Let it rest for a few minutes and restart it, but more often than not, its motor blew. It is a sad situation and one of the signs to replace your regular or commercial blender, but all you can do is scoop out whatever you were attempting to blend and grab a spoon. Review the warranty on your blender to see if you are ready for a replacement before purchasing a new one.

The motor is slow

It is possible to overwork your blender. You may have used it constantly or stuffed it with hard ingredients like ice or pieces of hard fruit. Whatever has made it work less can result in a damaged motor. It could also be wear and tear. The moving components of the engine might no longer have enough oil.

The blades are dull or damaged.

It is usual for the blades on your blender to wear over time. However, it’s time to replace your commercial blender if it becomes excessively worn or damaged. Broken blades can induce your blender to work less and pose a safety hazard. While checking the blades, look for signs of rust. If the blades are hardly damaged, it’s best to replace the entire blender.

Start to leak

It could mean a few things. In the initial stage, there could be a crack in the pitcher. If that is the case, you can replace the pitcher. But if it is an older model, the replacement might be hard to track down or pricey, so you might have to buy a new blender entirely. When you have closed it tight sufficiently and put just the proper amount of liquid, but it still spills, there may be a leak in your blender. Leaks are a bad sign. It is not secure to use an electrical device that’s leaking liquid. In addition, if your blender is made of glass and leaks in the middle of blending, you risk tiny shards of glass ending up in your food.

The motor is slow or inconsistent.

If it is just not blending like it used to and giving you poor results, it’s probably on its way out. You can attempt to use it until it completely burns out, or you could try assessing the trouble to see if it’s repairable. It might have something to do with loose fuse shorting or a wire. 

Final Thoughts

Regarding food prep, you must have suitable equipment to maintain your ingredients. Your blender is crucial for making healthy smoothies, desserts and others. Before using your regular or commercial blender, you must know the signs. Thus with the help of the above points, you can learn about the signs you need to replace your commercial blender.