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Things You Need To Know When Considering Shipping Carton

If you have your own business in which a particular product is getting packed and this time that you are on this page, it is pretty clear you are looking for the right cardboard display, then surely there are crucial things to know. We being importers don’t take much interest in understanding how our product should be packed.

This is the main reason why at the time of delivery, most of the customers complain of the product received in damaged material. With adequate packaging, your good till the time gets delivered stays protected during the shipment and that is why you must not compromise with the carton quality.

The Common Problems Faced:

At times, the importer often complains that the lighter packing is cheap but often they ignore that product also don’t get effectively protected. The packing can be quite strong and expensive too but then it may not be really good for the business if the product is quite high as the weight also increases at the time of shipment.

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Elements That You Need To Be Careful About:

To make sure you don’t become the victim of such problems, you can always choose the option light shipping carton. All you need to do is consider the following of the crucial factors such as:

  • Quality Of The Cardboard:

Some so many customers often use the cardboard that is made of low quality. This often results in humidity issues and also the risk of product to get damage increases. While choosing the cardboard its thickness needs to be considered.

  • Export Carton:

There are different types of cardboard displays being sold on a large scale. You should think of smaller cartons for better protection. Choosing a triple wall carton is not unusual at the time of exporting as the carton has to be large. In case there is a particular kind of requirement then Double wall carton is also a good option.

There are different grades of quality of the cardboard and standards too. Make sure you check the expert carton to be used well. It should be going in a stack and must have passed the free-fall carton drop tests.

  • Carton Dryness:

Another important factor to consider when looking for the shipping carton is the dryness. It is of course not expected for your carton to be wet. Your carton has to be loaded rightly in the container without getting wet. Wet carton increases the product to get moulded which of course you don’t want. You can consider the option of Desiccants which can be out inside the carton and then keep it in a dry room before getting shipped.

Other than this, the size of the carton is important. You must request a photo of packing to confirm that you are choosing the right size. The risk of cartons to get easily opened or trim down should also be considered. If the cartons are rightly protected then they can move around easily pallets and wrapped in plastic makes it much better