3 Essential Elements that Makes Good Custom Soap Packaging

This philosophy applies to all sorts of products, including soap bars, as custom soap packaging is one of the high points of soap shopping.

3 Essential Elements that Makes Good Custom Soap Packaging

Just the way books are often judged by their covers, products are recurrently judged by their packaging before the customers actually get to try them. When buying decisions are so reliant on packages to influence the shoppers’ behavior, it’s vital to use the packaging design to your advantage by optimizing every aspect of it. After all, product packaging is the driving force in sales and marketing.   

This philosophy applies to all sorts of products, including soap bars, as custom soap packaging is one of the high points of soap shopping. So if you have your soap brand, it is essential to keep the following three factors in mind when designing your bespoke packaging. Else, your packaging design won’t be able to drive purchases. 


To achieve success, your brand must craft a packaging that has the power to engage customers visually. This is an important factor that one should take into account before adjusting their current packaging strategy or introducing a brand-new design. With an attention-grabbing custom soap packaging, you can draw the eyes to the retail shelves from afar.     

Depending on your ideal customers, you can incorporate various packaging elements to make your packaging stick out. For instance, use vibrant colors to gain customers’ attention. To distinguish your brand, take cues from other industries to show how they are harnessing the power of packaging design. You will see that some leading brands have used decorative elements such as debossing, embossing, and foiling to add visual appeal.   

Combine all these effects in a novel way and develop a highly appealing packaging design for your soap brand.  


Similar to visual appeal, custom soap packaging should also offer a unique design to lure customers. But it’s your call how you want to manifest uniqueness. Although it is critical to grab customers’ attention from a distance in a retail environment, your packaging is also required to hold their interest after successfully luring the customers.   

Besides presenting customers with appealing packaging design, one cannot overlook the fact that your packaging should also differentiate from the rest. Leverage odd shapes and designs to capture attention, especially when your competition is persisting with standard square boxes. Changing the size of soap packaging can also have a significant impact.  

Aside from structural changes, the use of different textures and press effects can also come into play and add a unique touch to your custom soap packaging. Specialty substrates, embossing, debossing, or soft-touch coatings can aid you in achieving this goal.    


Though unique and eye-catching designs are critical to creating a winning custom soapbox design, you should consider making it more functional and effective when it comes to portraying a positive brand message. Be it a rigid set-up box or a folding carton box, figure out how well your custom soap packaging communicates your unique selling point and brand message. Plus, how well it fits into the retail space. If your bespoke design fails to stand out on the retail racks or cannot be used in different merchandising displays, it will give you lower-than-anticipated sales.    

Factors pertaining to pack-out and shipping should also be well-thought-out because truly effective packaging is more than what meets the eye. A functional and practical packaging design works well with your distribution systems. In fact, it is one of those elements that concern every marketing manager, brand manager, and packaging engineer. 

Make sure to maintain the right balance by creating packaging that’s equally attractive, unique, and effective. Joining hands with an industry-leading packaging supplier can give you the desired packaging design.