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company incorporation in singapore

Why and How To Incorporate A Singapore Subsidiary Company in 2021?

Most individuals want to set up a subsidiary for strategic purposes; maybe they want to venture into new markets, start selling new products, or pursue a new brand name to see how it can draw in new forms of consumers. Whatever the reason, let us help you determine if it is the right choice for you to set up a subsidiary company. With the support from a professional company incorporation service provider in Singapore, you’ll be able to set up your subsidiary in no time and without too much trouble or paperwork.


Why Set Up a Subsidiary?

A subsidiary is a legal body and is independent of the parent corporation. It further suggests that the holding corporation, or its subsidiary, is not directly responsible for its debts. Therefore, if the subsidiary becomes insolvent, the obligations and risks of the parent entities may be restricted to the subsidiary’s properties, and creditors may be prohibited from seeking directly from them.

Since their administration takes place centrally, subsidiary company incorporation is also called state tax-residents. This ensures that, by forming branches in Singapore, international firms would take advantage of Singapore’s competitive corporate tax regime.


What is a Subsidiary Company?

A subsidiary is company-owned or operated by a company. The parent corporation would usually hold over 50 percent of the subsidiary company. This brings the subsidiary’s majority stake to the parent company. It is precisely by being the largest shareholder that power can be gained in certain cases. It is regarded as a wholly-owned subsidiary where a parent corporation holds all its common shares.


What To Do After Setting Up A Subsidiary?

The new division would operate as a separate legal body from its parent company until incorporation. It is also proposed that a new corporate bank account be opened for proper financial accounting under the subsidiary’s name. It will be appropriate for the new subsidiary to apply for some industry licenses to work in some sectors, such as the Food and Beverage industry. The subsidiary must, under its name, apply for the license itself.

Foreign parent companies can also, under the new subsidiary, apply for good job passes or permits to move foreign workers to work in Singapore.

Registration Requirements

  • A subsidiary company must have at least $1 minimum paid-up capital.
  • Singapore company incorporation must have a Singapore registered office address.
  • The company must have at least one director who usually resides in Singapore. The director of the company must be a citizen of Singapore or an employee of the subsidiary company.
  • The company shall name a Company Director Within six months of its incorporation.

Then the papers you will be expected to send after the formation of the subsidiary company include:

  • Parent’s certificate of incorporation 
  • Constitution of the parent company, 
  • A signed declaration of each director consenting to serve as director of the subsidiary
  • Copies of identity documentation of the named directors
  • Proof of residential addresses of the named directors
  • Proof of physical address of the affiliate
  • The confidential information of the director of the firm
  • A shareholder contract


Subsidiary companies are the chosen type of corporate arrangement for international companies seeking to develop a foothold in Singapore. Such a corporate arrangement not only provides the company incorporation in Singapore with liability insurance. It also helps the entity benefit from tax cuts and other assistance programs supported by Singapore’s government.

Things to Consider Before Visiting a Garage

Regular car service is as important as filling the fuel to enjoy smooth driving from it. But many motorists see their car maintenance as a tedious job and ignore it and appreciate its importance when they are unable to drive their car to reach their desired destination when they want to reach it.

This often sounds shocking and odd as to how a person can forget or neglect his vehicle’s service, particularly the driver of a car. This is mainly due to the fallacy that many owners consider car service to be static, mostly with engine oil level control, daily washing, fuel filling, and tyre pressure control.

Therefore, before going forward, always bear in mind that car service in Zetland is not limited only to the checklist as mentioned earlier, but includes the inspection of various parameters such as transmission, clutch & gearbox inspection, braking system, etc., which must be performed after your car has driven those kilometres, whether during or after the year.

So now we must take note of the considerations that should be kept in mind before visiting any garage after going through the value of car service:

Types of Services

It is one of the essential factors to verify the services they provide before visiting any garage. Some centres have experience providing services only to medium-sized vehicles. In comparison, several stations provide services by technicians of all types of cars certified by the manufacturer to benefit their cars. Let us assume you own BMW; you can get your BMW serviced without any second thoughts from the approved BMW service centre. They are licensed by the manufacturer and have access to the database to update car service records, tuning, repair, etc.

Service Station Infrastructure

Most people assume that all car service centres are the same, but this is not valid to an enormous degree because approved service garages in Zetland are fitted with all the latest computerized equipment used today and have separate areas for inspection, servicing, cleaning, vehicle washing and even the waiting area where their customers can wait and harbour. The approved garage shall also be accompanied by a certificate of accreditation provided by the manufacturer allowing it to take care of the maintenance of the vehicle produced by it.


Eventually, last but not least, before giving it for servicing, you should get the estimate of your vehicle at the time of payment. For instance, when you get your car serviced from the approved garage, they will charge a set price for each job that varies from changing engine oil or replacing the damaged part of your vehicle with the actual part as quoted by the manufacturer.

If you visit any approved Car service station in Zetland that offers you the real value of your money to get the car serviced by them, finding a reliable car service garage will never be an annoying job. This is mainly due to its accreditation by renowned automakers.

most commen copier machine problems

7 Most Common Copier Machine Problems And Why They Happen

When was the last time your copier machine failed to work completely? Do you like the quality of the documents it prints? If you haven’t experienced any of those problems, then you are lucky. However, you should be aware of the common problems that always affect copier machines so you’ll know what to do when they happen. You can always consult a professional copier machine repair company in Singapore for better assistance.

Cartridge or toner issues 

When you have an empty, low, or malfunctioning toner machine, you will likely experience difficulty during printing. Two main things may cause the toner to malfunction. The first one is a malfunctioning error of which you can send the cartridge and the poor quality copies to where you purchased the copier. The other cause of toner malfunction is incapability issues, so always use a compatible toner and cartridges.

Lack of functions 

Dealing with office printing work can be hectic, especially when you have a different work type. However, lack of function could be another problem that affects copier machines. Large organizations venture into what we call multifunction printers (MFP), which are high-tech copiers capable of doing more than just photocopying. So, you should choose a copier machine that’s suitable for your organization’s needs, else, you may spend too much cost. On the other side, you can lease a copier machine available in Singapore if you don’t have to buy a new one.

Too high of print volumes 

How many copies does your organization make in a day? The printing volume of your firm can be the cause of your multifunction copier machine. A small copier machine that works all day and produces an excess number of copies is likely to produce poor picture quality, faded graphics, wrinkled pages, and delayed printing speed. Buy the best copier machine in Singapore that meets your printing volume demands.

Shortage of supplies or resources 

What kind of paper do you use while printing documents? Do you know that toners differ in their quality and viscosity? Well, lack of resources or supplies can force you into using inappropriate ones. This can cause a serious problem with your machine that can cost you a lot to repair. Contract the best copier machine supplier for the smooth running of your organization.

Wrinkled pages 

It’s discouraging to have a copier machine that produces wrinkled pages after photocopying or printing. The possible cause of this copier machine problem is the use of a worn-out exit roller and feed, which result in jamming and sticking. Other factors that may cause wrinkled copies include fuser assemblies, moisture, and worn-out paper trays. Therefore, you should visit a copier machine technician in Singapore to help you fix feed rollers and fuser assembly.

Discolored printing 

Poor image quality, smudges, and discolored printing can be very frustrating when dealing with heavy loads of work within an office setup. Suppose your printed pages come out too dark or too light; then it has to do with density controls. Imbalanced density control can lead you into trouble, but you can always check the manual or consult copier repairs in Singapore to resolve the problem.

Random spots across your copies

When your copier machines start producing random spots on every printed page, you should opt for repair or maintenance. Suppose the dust occurs in a specific place over and over again, then there may be debris or smudges on the machines’ copy glass or mirror. The simplest and most reliable solution, in this case, is to clean the mirrors and glass. However, when there is a random spot on the pages, then the drum may be defective. Contact the copier machine supplier in Singapore to get a new replacement.


5 Reasons You Need Gem Stone Slab Counter Tops

Everyone loves to have elegant countertop. You can use it in your home. You can search for elegant looking gemstone slab countertops.

The slabs look appealing and stylish. They still offer spiritual and health benefits.

  • You have many different colour and designs in gen stone slabs
  • They are easy to maintain for a look appealing
  • The stones are semi-precious and affordable

You can search for the best countertop slab stone for your home. You can buy gemstones Sydney slabs online as well. There are many reasons to have them in your home.

1. Helps achieve homeostasis stage

This factor depends on the composition of the stone selected. They offer mental, spiritual and body peace. You can use the stone in the bathroom or kitchen.

The countertop will have a very profound effect on your mind. The stones used in the slabs resonate at a fixed frequency. This has an impact on your mind and body. It offers healing power when used near the bathtub.

2. Helps heal toxic emotions

If you search you will come across the tiger-eye stone. It looks elegant and is ideal for countertops. The stone is rich in quartz mineral. It vibrates at a fixed frequency.

The vibrations will offer a positive impact on your mind. It helps kill all types of negative vibes. This is one reason people use this gemstone slab in the kitchen or as a bathtub.

The stone offers healing benefits for everyone. You can buy gemstones Sydney slabs that are semi-precious type.

3. Helps balance energy

You are already aware of the Black Tourmaline stone. You will come across countertops made up of this gemstone slab. The natural stone is ideal to gain back your lost energy.

If you feel stressed out, then the positive vibes of the stone will relax your mind. It also helps in maintaining a peaceful state of mind. The stone has also offered purification properties. It is an ideal choice for your kitchen countertops.

4. Helps kill stress

If you feel you are under stress, then Jasper is the best gemstone slab for you. It looks elegant when you use it as a countertop. You can also use the same stone as a countertop in the bedroom.

Relaxing near this gemstone countertop will help kill your stress. It relaxes your body and mind. You may not need to visit the spa very often.

Any types of gemstone countertops are very common in spa and health centres as well. They help balance body energy best.

5. Helps build trust 

You can now take the volcanic gemstone in your kitchen or bathroom. Sodalite is one such stone that is a type of volcanic expelled stone.

The stone looks elegant because of its unique formations. You can buy gemstones in Sydney for the best affordable price. If you use it as a countertop, it helps build trust.

The stone will also help in improving your communication skills. Many people who lack confidence often wear this gemstone. You can use it as a countertop slab in your home. There are many variants when you search for gemstone slabs for countertops.

Types Of Tapware Sydney You Get To See In The Market Nowadays

Most of the time people end up dealing with the basic tapware Sydney when it comes to decorating their plumbing sector. Whether they are looking for taps for their kitchen sinks or the bathroom shower portion, they always have the basic ideas in mind and will choose the most common and standard option here.

But, searching the internet will let you come across multiple options under kitchen and bathroom taps. Going through these options under tapware Sydney is enough to mesmerise you and make you realise the number of options you have in store. There are so many of them and selecting anyone seems to be a tough call.

Before you select the best kitchen and bathroom taps, it is mandatory to check the place for its placement. Depending on the area where you want to place the tapware in Sydney, the style, choice and functionality of the available taps will differ. To make this journey a lot easier for you, make sure to go through the options under taps right now.

The first one is the mixed taps:

If there is one option which is taking the lead in the kitchen and bathroom taps list then that has to be the mixed tap. As you can understand from the name itself, this form of tapware in Sydney will have places for both hot and cold water. You can either get any one of the water temperature to flow or can mix and match them together for a comfortable water temperature all the way.

The wall-mounted taps:

Another interesting option under kitchen and bathroom taps got to be the wall-mounted taps. The name makes the product self-explanatory. It is one contemporary option you could have found these days. They are primarily fixed to the wall and usually will fill the bathtub or basin. It is easier for the users to clean such types of taps, but repairing the same can be one challenging task. So, always consider that plumbing remains in the wall before fixing such options.

The floor-mounted taps are also there:

In your next list of the tapware Sydney, you have the floor-mounted ones. These are new in the market when compared to the other options. Whenever you are using these floor mounted taps, there is no need for you to hide the pipes or the plumbing lines. It is because the taps are open right from the floor to the tub, and making it possible to have bathtub anywhere you want in your bathroom. Just that the fixtures need to be directed towards that section of the bathroom and you are covered for good!

So many other options available too:

Apart from the points mentioned already under kitchen and bathroom taps, you have other variations like pillar taps, mixer taps, bath filler taps, bath or shower mixer taps and more. Just go through all the possible options that the market has in store and then you can finally select the one that seems to be the perfect choice for your use.

Hipot Tester

How to Choose the Right Hipot Tester to Get the Job Done

Hipot testers provide a variety of capacities, beginning with dielectric resistance and insulation resistance testing and, in many situations, offering precise low-resistance measurements and low-resistance/high-current outputs to test ground resistance and ground bond integrity. Selecting the correct one for your application would potentially save both time and cost in conducting the required checks.

Types, Specifications & Features 


Product Safety Certification

Before approaching the individual functions, it is important to determine that hipot testing is a common word. Real processing will require different hi-pot testing equipment to be used, depending on whether the substance is to be marketed and used. The specifics of what constitutes a certified product depend on the number of safety requirements and the world’s area in which the item is marketed and used. Standards setting up organizations shall include:

Dielectric Withstand 

The simple hipot tester shall add a high voltage from the conductors to the under-testing chassis. This test is also referred to as dielectric or voltage resistance. It aims to confirm that the insulation and separation of the non-conducting surfaces from the working voltage are adequate to prevent the possibility of shock. Typical parameters for this test are: 2x (normal operating voltage) + 1000V.

Higher voltages will also be defined in the tested norm for dual-insulated goods. Usually, this class of devices includes special fixtures to connect the non-conductive external shell to the conductive portion.

Defects frequently detected in the hipot tester include corrosion (dirt, debris) and lack of proper separation (creeping and clearance) of the materials. Creeping is measured across surfaces; clearance is the air distance between the elements. Contamination is likely to produce an unsustainable amount of leakage present. Issues of clearance may result in a breakdown.

Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance testing is likely to be needed in engine winding, transformer winding, and other applications involving cable or insulated wire. Insulation resistance testing generally requires ensuring that the resistance reaches the given high resistance value.

In several cases, insulation strength between many conductors needs to be measured. Examples cover cable/connector assemblies, multi-conductor cables, and relays. Both conductors except one are shortened together to allow this calculation, and the test voltage is applied from the remaining conductor through the packed conductors.

Ground Bond

Where ground continuity tests the safety ground connection’s resistance, the ground bond test guarantees the consistency of the connection. The high current is transmitted through the circuit using the same test configuration. If the ground bond is secure, the current passes without a change in resistance. If weak, the resistive heating of the current will cause the bond to fail.

Electrical protection checks are a universal prerequisite for electrical and electronic devices. Checking unique geographic specifications can be a difficult job that simplifies the programmable features and advanced hipot tester capabilities. Reviewing the testers’ desired features based on the objective test criteria will result in more effective and accurate tests.

The tester that makes the test engineer’s job simpler, quicker, and more complete should be the tester of choice. In general, rates for mortgage testers have declined in recent years, making more options. Product guidelines may lay down safety criteria based on values, study, and practice. Still, the overall responsibility for testing a safe product rests not with the specification but with the manufacturer and the testing capability it employs.

Why should you hire concrete cutting contractors?

It is an obvious fact that most construction projects need to have mechanisms established to cut concrete. They need machines for concrete cutting and drilling for various purposes. The big and major construction companies have their concrete cutting machines but the small businesses prefer to outsource this activity with the main aim of saving costs of buying expensive cutting machines. What they rely on are concrete cutting contractors for their concrete cutting needs.

What this fact tries to imply is that there is a need for every size of concrete cutting contractor in the market because not only small firms but big firms also do this often. The concrete cutting contractors have more expertise and specialization in this area.

Advantages of concrete cutting contractor-

  • When you hire a professional concrete cutting contractor, you save a lot of time and cost. They have specialized labourers and machines that are dedicated only to concrete utilities.
  •  A concrete cutting contractor is equipped with a wide range of saws that will be suitable as per your construction needs. They have saws that can cut through on any concrete surface.
  • Sometimes even the best of construction experts get stuck in this niche task. The concrete cutting contractor provides their expertise even in the most complex of concrete cutting problems.

Types of services offered by the concrete cutting contractor-

The services offered by these professional concrete cutting contractors are mainly floor sawing, wall sawing, diamond drilling, diamond cutting, hydraulic bursting, Brokk demolition, hole drilling, pipe space creation, track sawing, deep sawing, wire sawing, diamond ring, and chainsawing, and floor preparation.

Always remember that concrete cutting may seem like a very insignificant task but it is not. It is a task that requires a very high level of expertise as well as experience. It will always be in your favour to hire a concrete cutting contractor for your concrete work.

Factors to look at-

There are certain factors that you need to look at before choosing a concrete cutting contractor, the major ones are-

  1. HR and licensing- Always look for all the valid documentation of the labour that the company is hiring for your concrete work. There are multiple legal troubles that can arise if you outsource work from an unlicensed concrete cutting contractor.
  2. Equipment- You need to have a complete background check of the equipment that is available with the contractor. Never keep your options limited to just what you require. You never know what concrete complications can arise during construction.
  3. Safety- Always ensure that your contractor is installing all the safety mechanisms as per the standard of the industry. Safety in terms of labours, neighbouring people, building as well as other resources employed in the construction.
  4. Previous work- Have a talk with your contractor regarding the previous works that he has done. It will help you to know whether the contractor is suitable for you or not. Some people also got the extent of checking with the owners of previous sites to know the quality of the work that the contractor provides.