Four Differences Between Ultrasound And CT Scan

Four Differences Between Ultrasound And CT Scan

Ultrasound is also called a sonogram. This procedure includes high-frequency waves to create an image that is created inside the body parts. The ultrasound Preston is used to diagnose an unborn baby, or to guide the surgeon on which way to go for the treatment. 

Other than that, the ultrasound is a painless procedure and is also used to examine the liver, kidney and other organs. Generally, the scan takes 10-20 minutes depending on the problem of the patient. With the help of a probe, the technician will rotate it in the belly. They will monitor the machine and get to know the exact problem.

What Are The Differences Between Ultrasound Preston And CT Scan?

There are differences between both ultrasound and CT scans. Many people are unable to differentiate it. The common similarity between the two is that both are used to screen patients for cancer or to find abnormal findings. Here are the major differences.

  • Radiation exposure: In the case of ultrasound Preston high frequency sound waves are used. It provides a three-dimensional internal structure. There is no exposure o radiation during the entire procedure. However, a CT scan radiates some exposure. Radiation is not good for health. However, the scanning procedure involves less radiation than a patient can easily bear. It diagnoses the exact problem in bones, tissues, and other parts of the abnormalities. However, CT scans can only be done under the recommendations of the doctor. It is not at all advisable for pregnant women and children.
  • Image detection: Ultrasound has some limitations. It is only limited to the internal organs. It is not designed to detect abnormalities in bony structures. Hence, an ultrasound Preston is good to check the movement and growth of an unborn baby. Other than that, CT scans provide a detailed image of the body including the tiny details. In another word, we can say that ultrasound is safe to use. Whereas in the case of a CT scan, it is easy to detect tumours and the presence of cancer cells. 
  • Cost: The cost of a CT scan is more than that of an ultrasound Preston. Other than that, it exposes radiation. That is why doctors only recommend it to those who are non-pregnant. Other than that the cost of the ultrasound is relatively lesser. Due to the low price, it is not good to find out the exact abnormalities in the body. It can only provide you with some ideas. 
  • Imaging procedure: The technique of capturing images between CT scan and ultrasound is different. The CT scan is an x-ray and takes pictures from angles. Whereas ultrasound uses a probe that is called a transducer and placed directly on the skin. It takes hardly 7-10 minutes. 

To conclude, we must say that ultrasound Preston will provide you with better service. You can use these services and get your body checked. A routine check is much needed and with the help of it, you can also be able to detect any problems in the body.