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Why You Should Consider A Tummy Tuck

Why You Should Consider A Tummy Tuck?

Abdominal fat is among one of the most difficult fat to lose through exercise. You may have an otherwise slim and fit body, but a tummy pooch can put a damper on your physical contour, and it can result from a myriad of reasons like pregnancy, weight gain or even aging. 

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can be a cosmetic surgical solution when exercise and dieting fail to get rid of stubborn tummy fat. A tummy tuck can tighten the muscle while removing fat and excess loose skin from your abdominal area to give it more of a smoother and toned appearance.

Recent statistical data has shown that there has been a considerable rise in tummy tuck surgeries. Especially post-pregnancy “mommy makeovers”, as this helps women get back their pre-pregnancy fit figure. If you are annoyed with stretched and flabby abdominal fat and not worried about going the knife to get rid of it, a tummy tuck can be your ideal solution. Although abdominoplasty is mostly performed as a cosmetic procedure, there are actually various medical benefits of the tummy tuck as well. Various proficient and reputed surgeons offer tummy tuck procedures in Mumbai at an affordable cost. But first, you need to learn about these benefits to gather info about the average cost of tummy tuck in Mumbai

  • Get Rid of Excess Skin

Once abdominal skin becomes stretched due to weight gain or pregnancy, it’s almost impossible to have it go back to its original shape naturally or with exercise. Saggy skin can also cause irritation from chafing and rash because of sweat build up. Getting rid of flappy and loose skin is one of the biggest reasons patients seek out tummy tuck procedures. 

  • Remove Unwanted Fat

One of the main benefits of tummy tuck is getting rid of unwanted, excess abdominal fat. A liposuction procedure can be performed with abdominoplasty, which can extract extra fat. Liposuction is often recommended. Doing both these procedures would help you get an even more tined and smooth tummy area. 

  • Eliminate Scars

If you have old scars around your midsection from pregnancy c section or hysterectomy surgeries, a tummy tuck can help you get rid of them. Not just these, but various scarring from old surgical procedures like accidents, hernia or appendectomy can efficiently be dealt with too, and you can flaunt a smooth, unscathed tummy in no time. 

  • Reduction of Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI is a condition where there is a loss of bladder control resulting from excess pressure on the bladder or urethra, often suffered by women post-pregnancy or senior citizens. This results in unwanted bladder leakage while coughing, exercising, sneezing, laughing etc. Usually, SUI does not need surgery, but Abdominoplasty can still be helpful for recovery.

  • To Improve Abdominal Tone and Better Posture

Stomach muscle distention can arise after one goes through several pregnancies or even a sudden weight loss. Tummy tuck surgery can tighten these weakened muscles, simultaneously removing unwanted fat and skin, resulting in the final smooth, toned tummy. Additionally, posture is improved because of better support from tightened muscles around the spine too. 

  • Corrects Ventral Hernias

A ventral hernia is a condition often caused post-pregnancy/c-sections or even weight loss, where abdominal tissue or intestines rapture through the abdominal wall forming pockets or sacks. The surgical treatment for a ventral hernia is quite similar to abdominoplasty, so this procedure is efficient for treatment. Additionally, you also reap the benefits of a tummy tuck to strengthen the abdominal walls, so the hernia doesn’t recur. 

  • Increases Ease of Exercise

Exercising is imperative for a healthy lifestyle; however, excess fat, skin or even weak abdominal muscles can hinder exercise. A tummy tuck can effectively help you reduce these annoyances so you can work out conveniently.

We hope this information helps you understand the myriad benefits of a tummy tuck, and you can easily choose the best facilities and cost for a tummy tuck in Mumbai