Video SEO: How To Rank Videos On Google?

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Video SEO: How To Rank Videos On Google?

If you are wondering how you can get more video views, the key to it is getting videos ranked in both Google and YouTube searches. SEO for videos is the process of getting more organic traffic on your website without using paid means of promotion. They can also be used for youtube videos as a means of getting more views.

Tips On Getting Videos Ranked On Google

There are a few tips that you should keep in mind while ranking your videos on google. Some of them are discussed below:

1) Create Video on Topics Most Searched On Google

The first thing you must keep in mind while doing SEO for videos is that the video should be on a topic that people usually search on google. People prefer watching videos about the topic searched instead of reading things about it. There are a lot of SEO tools on google that can help you find topics people are searching for.

2) Use Content Explorer

There are many content explorer websites and applications available that can help you find out how many websites have organic traffic related to a particular keyword. You must sort the results by search traffic from high to low. This can give you a list of relevant YouTube videos that has organic search traffic.

3) Video Title

The improper naming structure is the most common SEO for video mistakes many people make while naming video files. Ensure that you name the video file and video title with the relevant keywords. Once you upload the video on youtube, it will automatically determine the video category by its file name.

4) Create A Playlist

Playlists on youtube are not just for decoration, creating a playlist can help you group similar video types together. Viewers can get redirected to other videos you upload by adding a playlist at the end of every video you upload.

5) Upload An Attractive Thumbnail

Video thumbnails play a huge role in SEO for videos as far as getting views on videos is concerned. So, make sure you use good thumbnail editing software to create a good custom thumbnail related to the topic of your video. Make use of contrasting colors that make it stand out from other videos instead of choosing a still from the video.

6) Add Timestamps

You must make sure that you add timestamps in your videos as they help mark the key moments of your video. Google is more likely to show these “key moments” for your videos if you mark them in the YouTube description.


SEO for videos is an important and dynamic topic because Google is continuously changing the way they display videos in search results. We have now discussed how you can use SEO to your advantage. You must keep in mind the points discussed above while creating enticing and engaging videos for users. And, do everything you can to help Google better understand that content.