What Are The Benefits Of Having Engineered Timber Flooring?

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What Are The Benefits Of Having Engineered Timber Flooring?

A special kind of wood is used to create the numerous layers of veneer that make up engineered wood flooring. Some characteristics are present in all grades of timber because it is a natural product.

Engineered timber flooring in Sydney is designed to provide excellent stability while maintaining the look of real wood flooring. You can obtain the elegance of a hardwood floor with engineered timber flooring while paying a high-quality and reasonable price.

Below are the benefits of engineered wood flooring

Affordable Engineered Timber Flooring

Even though wood flooring has many advantages, the cost is by far the biggest advantage of engineered wood. A great compromise between the two that is both inexpensive and has some of the grandeur of solid wood is engineered wood flooring.

Higher durability

These floorings are more robust and enduring than solid wood since they have an engineered multiple cores. This is because solid wood expands and contracts more due to changes in humidity.

Simple to install

For DIY instals, our engineered flooring has a simple-to-use locking system. Solid wood requires a lot more labour-intensive nailing or glueing. However, you can also bond our engineered wood flooring if you’d like.

Engineered wood flooring is fashionable.

Although engineered wood flooring may not be made of genuine wood, the end product is similar for those using the room. One of the factors contributing to a significant movement toward engineered flooring over the past ten years is the ability of engineered wood to seem practically identical to solid wood. Manufacturers can now reproduce the appearance and quality of solid wood because of advancements in technology, materials, and craftsmanship.

Greater heat and moisture resistance

Compared to solid wood, engineered wood is less likely to cup, warp, or become moisture damaged. Your flooring will be more stable and last longer as a result.


Affordability is a major consideration when comparing solid and engineered timber flooring in sydney. In every manner, engineered flooring is less expensive. In most cases, it’s less expensive to make, treat, and install. The one thing to remember is that engineered wood flooring is less resilient than solid wood, so you might need to replace your floors more frequently.

Refinishing options

An engineered timber floor could be lightly sanded or burnished, just like solid timber. If you ever need to give your old floors a new sheen, they can also be refinished or restrained. However, this relies on how thick the timber veneer is.

Different Styles

The enormous variety of design options offered by engineered timber flooring in sydney is one of its main advantages. You can select from various sizes that aren’t offered in solid wood and almost any wood tone you like. This enables you to create the timber look in any design that works for your home.


Engineered timber has the advantage of being an attractive, somewhat low-maintenance flooring option. It is a revolutionary product for homeowners, renovators, restorers, and others because it comes in various finishes. We carry various alternatives at Back to Timber because of their versatility and ability to look well in any home.