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Select The Quintessential Paver Colour For Your Pool

Pavers, no matter whether it is travertine, brick or stone, it is a versatile statement to deck up your home. The right colour of the pavers should be harmonious with the tones of your home, landscape and the surrounding environment. If the pavers don’t speak to the tone of your home, then it is going to be like two different worlds.

You can bring more light and define the character of the home driveway, patio and pool deck by choosing from a diverse range of options from pool pavers Sydney. There is no one fits all scheme when it comes to finding the perfect match. If you are muddled by a wide assortment of colours and materials here is a small guide to help you choose the right paver colour.

Emphasize on the effect

Are you planning to repave your pool deck? Or extending your existing patio? Perhaps you want to connect the driveway to your backyard with a walkway. For each purpose, a different colour will suit like a key. For the pool deck, lighter colours are recommended as it feels cool on feet. On the other hand, a darker shade is apt for driveways. If you are extending the patio then go for the same as the existing ones that complement well with the colour of your outdoor area.

The basic rule of thumb

Go for the colour that is in perfect harmony with your home. For example, shades lighter than the shade of your home, won’t look good.

Consider the sunlight on your pavers

When designing your space take into consideration the direction of where the sun rays hit and for how long. The colour can shift over time depending on the strength of the sun rays. If the area is completely shaded go for light-shaded pavers from pool pavers Sydney to lighten-up the area.

Monotone or multi-coloured finish

A monotone installation means that the colour of the paver is pure and doesn’t have any variation. The monotone look is usually modern and sleek. One con of monotone floor is that both small and large stains may catch your likely fussed eye almost every time you gaze at the paving. On the other hand, there are multicoloured pavers, which is a blend of many colours in the same paver. The multicolour pavers are great if your home is large and a pool by the scenery. Monotone or multicoloured, pool pavers Sydney have the best in the store to brighten up your outdoor area.

Reflect with the roof

Many believe that pairing the colour of the walkway, pool deck or patio pavers along with home’s roof is a good way to go as it ties everything together. This is a good strategy for selecting a paver. This doesn’t mean that the colours should be an exact match instead even if it has the hues of roof colour it will look good. A similar garden wall capping finishes the look and titivates the garden.

Bottom line

Sydney has the best stone pavers with a diverse collection of unique and versatile hand-crafted stone for your pavers. Along with pool pavers, the garden wall capping features also enhances the hardscape of your home. Visit the best pool pavers and choose the perfect paver for you without further delay.