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Deccan Odyssey takes guests on an exotic vacation across a number of the most visited destinations situated in the Deccan region of India.

Heritage walking tours of Maharashtra Indian Railway – Deccan Odyssey

As its name implies, the Deccan Odyssey takes guests on an exotic vacation across a number of the most visited destinations situated in the Deccan region of India. South India is famous for its distinct taste that’s beautifully exhibited by its places. The attractions placed within the sites, the culture, and the customs and even though the cuisine of this area. Therefore, if you’re considering going to the stones of the city, richly; opt to reserve a tour aboard the Deccan Odyssey. With this guide, we’ll present you to the splendid Deccan Odyssey destinations, which can be in themselves top theme vacation destinations in India.

Mumbai :

Offering itself as a fascinating base for many heritage tours, Mumbai has to it many aspects besides being the financial capital of the nation. As a motif destination, there are numerous heritage tours arranged in the city such as the famed heritage walking tours of Mumbai.

Ratnagiri :

Ganapatipule: The following destination the Deccan Odyssey travels via is Ganapatipule. Due to the heritage that’s an intrinsic part of the city, Ganapatipule tops the list of goals in regard to organizing theme excursions in Maharashtra.

Sindhudurg :

Tarkarli: These two destinations unite to supply a backwater and legacy tour to all guests arriving here. The backwaters of all Tarkarli are fabulous and transform one to another age. The conventional boats that ferry passengers from 1 corner to another, the sailors with big fishing baits busy on the job along with the vacationers enjoying the warm sunshine on the sandy shores of Tarkarli; create the location all the more inviting.


Maybe the most alluring tourist destination in India along with a foundation for many subject tours, Goa is a traveler’s delight. The pristine beaches of Goa provide for great romantic vacations in addition to thrilling adventure holiday choices. Apart from these, the legacy resorts, as well as the luxury hotels housed here, also offer you exciting luxury tour choices. So while you’re traveling aboard the Deccan Odyssey. Don’t miss taste piece of all of these topics served on a single platter with all the yummy cuisine of town—Dudhsagar Waterfall on the Konkan Railway an Amazing destination. 


Among the most visited cities in the Deccan area, a visit to Aurangabad onboard the luxurious train in India, which makes the trip even more intriguing. The highlight of theme tours to Aurangabad located in the medieval monuments set here such as the Bibi ka Maqbara and also the Daulatabad fort. Also, necessary are the brief trips one can arrange from here to areas like Ajanta, Ellora, and Shirdi, etc.

Ajanta :

Nasik: A excursion to Ajanta and Nashik regarded as the mother of heritage tours. The frescoes of the Ajanta caves, as well as the significant shrines of all Nashik, completely astound the onlookers. The guests aboard the Deccan Odyssey could go to these historical places and take back memories of their expansive cultural heritage of the nation. Cultural tours arranged in these areas are also popular with tourists coming.